I’m Back!

I’m back. I know you all missed me. I sure needed the break. I did nothing for a whole month.

Yesterday was my Anniversary. Can you believe it, 7 years already. So does that mean that the bad years are over?LOL  No bad years for us. Gregg and I get along like pizza and beer. We have known each other for 9 years now. And to think, he was just my roommate…lol.

I have been thinking a lot about the past lately. You know what? I kind of like that all the writing I have done is helping me forget a lot of it. I have been writing down my life and its really been helping me move on. I used to always think about my past and it was always there to remind me of the things I did and the stuff I seen and all the places I have been.

I’m finally starting to forget. The nightmares are less. They will still come, but not as much, I hope. I will just keep writing till I have every one of those memories stored on my harddrive.

Anyways, it’s a sunny day out there and I can see all the dust in here…lol. Guess I am cleaning…joy.

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