As you know I have been trying to loose the last 10 lbs to hit my goal of 140. Well I am 2 lbs away. Yes, thank you, I’m happy too. Thing is, I lost it cause I spent all of August in bed. It turned out to be a rough month for me. My IC started up and never left. My back got sore and my dizziness hit hard.

I really thought I was going to fall apart. I was scared to eat, as fear of more IC pain. I really didn’t know what to eat anymore. Gregg was not sure what to feed me. I ended up eating a lot of lettuce, plain chicken and lots of water. I have been free of the IC pain for a week now but it came back last night. Seems it does that when ever I start to feel better. I’m ok today, but I will make sure I have no food that might cause it to flare up.

As for the rest of me, well it’s going to take time to build up my strength again. A month of laying in bed weakens the body. I am starting slow. Doing yoga again and light weights. Plus some back exercises to get those poor sore muscles to hold me up again.

My dizzies…sigh. They come and go but this week I feel like I have been spinning in circles. Not just spinning, I am on a long roller-coaster ride. Oh well, I can deal with it. Just need to roll with it.

So that is how most of my summer was. I did do a lot of writing. So that was good for me. I am so on the right path of self healing. Soon my memories of my past will be gone and I can start to live.

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Last Modified: September 11, 2009

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