This week has been a bit crazy. I decided that it was time to go through all my clothes. With all the weight I have lost I needed to see what fits. Well, not much…lol. That’s ok, many things can just be made smaller. I do own a sewing machine…lol. While I am going through all my clothes I am also doing a major cleaning of every corner of the bedroom.

What else? Hmm… I think the kitchen will be next. My spice cupboard is a mess. Keep buying spices when I know I have them in there already. I also need to get ready to do baking again. I want to try a few new recipes.

Shocking how much dust is in a home. I hope to some day get rid of all the carpets in here and go hardwood and tiles. I want to add to our Mexican theme. I need to find some websites to get some ideas. Ah, but these are all just dreams that will have to wait for now.

Well time to go back to cleaning.

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    Sounds like you are busy! ! ! !

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