Yesterday was the perfect day. I couldnt of asked for a better one. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Gregg and I picked up mom at about 11am and headed for the border. We did have about a 20 minute wait to cross. Once we were on the other side we headed to our first stop at a Mexican food store. Where we bought some spices and snacks.

Having done that it was off to Wal-Mart to see if Mom’s sister Susi was parked there in the motorhome. No Aunt Susi, so we went in to Wal-Mart for a quick coffee and fries at Mc’D’s. And off we went to the Mall.

I was shocked to see how empty it was. I think there might have been 100 people in there. There were many stores completely shut down and moved. Every store had big sales going on. Reduced prices on everything. I had checked online with the Mall stores to see which ones would carry the runners I wanted and Famous Footwear was the best deal…online. At the store they had 2 pairs left and not the ones I wanted. I asked if she knew of any other store that might have them and she told me the Mall had none left. I was a bit disappointed about that.

We checked Kohl’s and they had one pair a size too big…sigh. Then we headed to a few other stores and nothing. Finally at Lady Footlocker they had them! SOLD! I bought me a pair. I was so happy that I found them. I wanted the all black but they only had all white or the black with white. So black with white is what I got. Only 11o bucks including the taxes. In Canada the cheapest I found were for 156 inc taxes. So I would have to say I got a good deal. After the shoes we went to JC Penny’s and found a ton of clothes on sale. I got 2 pairs of jeans and 3 tops for 60 bucks. I could of spent more time going thru everything but we were getting tired.

I was wearing my old imatati0n crocs from Mexico , so it would be easier to try shoes on. As soon as we were back at the car I put on my new runners. My feet thanked me. The day before, Gregg had done some searching to find a good Mexican restaurant to have dinner at. Jalapeno’s was the one he decided on and it was a good choice. The food was great. Mom loved it all too.

We had tacos le pastor with pork and chicken for mom. It was good! Then we spied deep fried ice cream on the back of the menu. Mahahaha! MUST HAVE! We had coffee and ice cream. I was thinking a small bowl, but no. We got 3 giant plates of this yumminess. Gregg was the only one that finished it, I left half of mine and mom did too.

Once dinner was done we got back on the road and heading home. Made a quick stop at Walgreens to get a few things that we cant find at home. Soon we were at Mom’s saying good bye. Finally we were at home and I was pooped. My back and legs were done. I was in bed relaxing with in 15

It was a great day!Fried Ice Cream

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Last Modified: October 28, 2009

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  1. Lyra

    Wow, you’re so lucky you can just pop into Mexico if you fancy it! Sounds like alot of fun. Any that fried ice-cream… I have never seen anything like it! How do you fry ice-cream I wonder???!!! Well, sounds delicious all the same…

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