I could shop at Costco every day. They just seem to have everything I need. Sure the clothes arent top designers, but I dont really care so much about labels as long as it looks good. I do find it a bit hard to get jeans that fit from there, but I do find other pants that fit. Today Gregg and I were there to pick up his contacts. Once that was done we cruised the isles and looked for anything we might need.

I found a set of make up brushes that I had to have. Last year they had a set and I got them and just love using them. This new set has a tiny travel set which will be perfect in my purse. Gregg got Calvin Klein jeans on the clearance rack. We tasted all the nommy goodness from the sample ladies. Grabbed some foods and headed home.

Really, Costco does save us money and its a good deal.

Oh, yesterday I watched Oprah and it was all about shoes. So today I took my thigh high flat boots out and dropped them off to get repaired. Its so nice that they are bad in style again. I spent a lot of money on those in 1989…lol

New show tonight… “V”  hope its a good one.

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