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Wow! where did this year go?? I cant believe that 2009 is almost over. This year has been …ok. I feel that I have changed yet again. My way of thinking is again different. I am a year older and yet I do not feel older. I do think older, if that make sense. I realize that I just dont worry about the piddly stuff as I use to. I would worry about when I would see my boys again and what they are up to and if they are safe. Now I call them and chat with them and see how things are going with work and life in general. I see them when they have time to visit. Colby hasnt been here since my dad died and I hope that he will be here for Christmas this year. If not, I will miss him but I wont spend my time worrying about it. I know I will see Matthew some time over the holidays. I use to worry about them so much when they were young. Now I feel that they are old enough to handle things on their own.

After Dad died I worried a lot about Mom. I know she is doing fine. Yes she is alone, but she is ok. The family is there for her and she keeps very busy with her sisters. It’s more that they keep her busy…lol.

Gregg has been home now for 2 months. No jobs are coming to him, but I am not going to worry about it. He will figure it out. Its pointless for me to worry since I cant really do anything to help him. Maybe in the new year there will be a job.

Yes, this year has had its ups and downs. We keep moving ahead. Hoping that one day there will be no need to struggle. It would be nice to have enough money to pay for everything and not worry about things. Some day it will happen.

Anyways, I have babbled enough….lol  Its almost Christmas time! I have done no shopping and I still have to plan the dinner for my family on the 27th. I sure hope it all works out as I hope.

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