Over the last week I crocheted a bed for Bunny. She seems to really like it.

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  1. an old friend

    Hmm…. how many cats do you have? I am not from your old neighborhood. Although, obviously have spent some time there. Wasn’t there another Luci as well? What is Carlose driving these days? Its not that important to know who I am. What is important is that I was thinking on how cool it was that you made things right with your Dad. He must have been so proud. I would have liked to see the smile on his face. I don’t remember him smiling a whole lot. But, could have been just me! Now that I have kids of my own I can relate on how he must have felt at different times. Not only your Dad but your Mom as well. I have prayed for their forgiveness! I am sure they have probably forgotten. All the photos are great. Your brothers sure look like your Dad. I would not have recognized them. We had some good times all hanging out back in the day. Allot of time has passed. If I had a bucket list to write letters to people that have been memorable to me you would be on it. I hope that you find something interesting to keep yourself busy. It seems like Gregg is between jobs. I hope he finds something too.
    HE will guide you both!
    An old friend

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      Seems you know me and my family well. As for what happened between me and my Dad, it really is something that I dont want to talk about with a “so-called Friend” that doesnt even come forward and tell me your name. What does it matter what my dad and I had? Why do you care? As for proud? LOL my father was always proud to have me as his daughter, even in our rough times. Just as he was with all his children.
      Tell why you would need forgiveness from my parents?
      I think its time for you to come out and tell me who you are. I dont need these types of head games in my life. If we were so important to each other then tell me your name, like a “good Friend” would do. If not, then please dont bother me. I cant handle games like this. I dont need the stress. Stand up and speak. Its the right thing to do. I’m such “HE” would want that from you. Dont make others suffer, it that not in the bible?

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