As you know I have been looking for something to do with my life now for some time. Since I had my neck injury my life changed dramatically. I had to give up a lot and learn to live again to help me deal with my disability. Its now been 10 years since the injury. I have finally gotten to where I can handle my dizziness on a daily bases.

Over the last few years I have tried to figure out what it is that I could do from home. I can’t work a normal job, not even part time. I need something that I could do at home. Well, there isn’t that much out there for a woman over 40 with little to no job experience. I have lots of life experience, but that doesn’t seem to mean a lot these days.

So, a few days before Christmas, Gregg and I dog sat for our friend. We have done it a few times now and really enjoy it. We got to talking and we realized that we both miss having a dog around. Gregg had dogs when he lived at home and I grew up with cats and then dogs when I was on my own. In the 10 years that we have been together there has been no dog. We talked about getting one a few years ago, but I was still having a lot of dizzy spells and we decided not to do it.

I guess by now you figured out what we are doing…lol Yes we are getting a dog.  We agreed that we would get a puppy for Christmas, that was our gift to each other. We started looking online at the shelters and going to the local SPCA and Animal Control Shelters. We didnt find what we wanted and left it during Christmas. After the holidays we started searching again. We looked at a few dogs but didnt like any of them.

After 2 weeks of searching and finding nothing, I was getting very frustrated. We had a few long talks and I started to feel the need to do something. We wanted to get the right dog for us, so we filled out an application for Dhana Metta Rescue Society. One of the workers (Mandarin) came out and did a home visit last Sunday. They needed to make sure we were a good home for a dog. She met our cats and we had a good talk. A couple days later we had been approved.

So now we are on the list for a dog! This is where is changes. As much as we would like to have our very own little dog, and someday we will find the right one. Until then, we have decided to be foster parents. I felt the pull in my heart once again to return to rescue work. I have found where I am needed. And it feels right.

Those 3 years of rescue work I did so long ago were some of my favorite times. From there I went to having my own dogs that I bred and showed for 12 years.  I always loved my dogs and I have really missed having them in my life. Now We are going to give back and help the dogs as best we can. We are limited in what we can do. We can only have 1 dog under 25lbs stay with us. That’s fine. It gives me more one on one training time. Gregg has offered to help with website and computer related things.

I am very excited about this and I know I have made the right choice. Gregg and I both agree that there are so many dogs out there that need help and if we can help some of them to find a forever home then that is what we will do. Our reward will be to see a happy dog with its new family.

I know that some of you out there might think that this is nothing special or that it’s a waste of time, and you are welcome to think whatever you like, but I really don’t care. This is my life and this is what is reaching out to me. My soft heart wins again and that is just fine.

NOW! let me introduce you to our first foster dog!


Chair Sitting Closeup

He is a fuzzy little guy. Weighs about 12lbs. Not really sure what he is. He has some long legs and big ears, as you can see. Possibly a mix with some Italian Greyhound with terrier. He has a cute little face. He is a bit shy and not sure who he is yet, but we will work with him and teach him how to be a great dog. He is housebroken, has his shots and been neutered plus micro-chipped.

He is about 11 months old and his adoption fee is $395.00

He met Baby and right away was jumping around and wanting to play. Baby was not having any of it. Bunny is in the tree making sure she is out of the way.

I will be doing many updates on him and any other dogs that come our way.I will be setting up a doggy blog so that this one stays as my personal blog. For those of you that dont want to read the dog stuff.

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5 comments on “A Familiar Place

  1. Lucy

    Congratulation’s Karin and Gregg. Wishing you well with it all!


    Ha! I figured that it would have something to do with animals! 🙂
    Congratulations on having made a choice with what you want to do with your time!
    He looks rather cute and this is coming from someone who is not at all crazy about dogs!
    Pictures are enough for me! Hope you are OK with that!
    Have fun!

    Ohh, have a question….. do you get paid to be a foster dog sitter? And how long will he be staying with you?

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      He is a cutie and a sweetie.
      No I dont get paid. All the food and vet bills are paid by Dhana Metta. This is my good deed for the little critters. He stays until we find him a home.


        OK! Well you enjoy!
        I guess this way you will have all sorts of critters going through your house and being able to enjoy them all! 🙂

  3. jocelyn

    I just read your blog and I am sooo glad you guys have skeeter, he is a lovely but anxious dog and I am glad to see him in such loving hands. Great work!


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