Last night was pretty good. Skeeter needed a bath since he was very smelly. Most dogs will just stand there and deal with it. Skeet didnt like it. I had about 2 inches of water in the tub. I climbed into the tub and hunched down behind him so I was in more control.  As soon as I poured a cup of water over his back he was ready to run. He tried to climb up onto my legs. Gregg came to help hold him. Poor little Skeet started to cry. He was so afraid of the water touching him. I worked quickly and got him all washed. He was wrapped in a towel and rubbed dry, which I thing he enjoyed. As soon as we were back in the living room he got a treat and was a happy guy again.

He is really not sure what he should do around us. Most of the evening he laid on his bed and chewed a bone. He really loves the rawhide. Gregg got him to fetch a tennis ball a few times and his little tail was curled and wiggling. Then he finally met Bunny. That didnt go well. Bunny puffed up and Skeet wanted to play. Bunny ran and totally freaked out. Took a while before she came out from under the bed. (Right now Bunny is in the cat tree so she is safe but can keep an eye on that odd creature in the house.)

Skeet spend about 2 hours under the blanket with me watching TV. I decided to head to bed at 10pm. Gregg took Skeet and had him on the his lap. It seemed like Skeet didnt know what to do. Sit, stand, relax just didnt happen. Gregg had to help him to the chair beside him and there he relaxed and slept. When Gregg finally came to bed he took Skeet out for a quick pee. He got his cone collar on so he wont be scratching at his eyes at night.(has red itchy skin around his eyes) Then into his kennel next to the bed. He whimpered a bit, but settled in to sleep within a few minutes.

At about 5am I woke to the sound of Skeet gagging. I thought he was puking. Gregg got up and checked him. Letting him out of the kennel for a moment to come say hi to me in bed. Baby was sleeping by my feet and he was a bit annoyed that his sleep time had been disturbed. Skeet seemed happy and there was no mess, so I think he was just clearing his throat? Back into the kennel and we all slept for a few more hours.

This morning Gregg took him out while I fed the cats. Well I tried to feed the cats…lol. Bunny had a few bites, but Baby has had no food. When Gregg and Skeet were back inside they sat in the lining room to meet the cats again, but this time on the leash. Bunny is staying in the tree. Baby has decided that he will be the bigger man and try not to be afraidy-cat. He is lying in the middle of the livingroom acting like he is the ruler.

Skeet is now on the chair next to Gregg  having a snooze.

So far we have noticed that he has a few problems that we will have to work with. Mainly he needs to know that its ok to just be a happy dog.

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Last Modified: January 25, 2010

4 comments on “Our First Dog Night

  1. Lucy

    It sounds like a pretty good dog night after all. I think everybody just needs to get used to each other, (cats,dog) after awhile, I am sure. Afterall, it has been the cats home/territory for so many years and now DOG has to ruin everything. LOL

  2. Kim

    I am not entirely sure how WordPress works. I am attempting to leave a comment about Sketch, but I never did find an actual ‘entire comments here’ link as you find at other sites. I got to this page by simply selecting the ‘1 comment made’ link. That reminds me… if this goes to Lucy and NOT to Sketch’s foster parents, my apologies.
    Do you have to have a WordPress blog yourself before you can leave comments at another blog? Think that I had to at least have a ‘bare bones’ account, I looked around this page for an indication as to where I could “log-in or sign up” but no luck.
    How didi the people who have been visiting this bog leave comments? TY for any help you can provide.
    I’ll hold back on my questions about Sketch/Skeet until I hopefully hear back from someone.
    Take care,

    1. purpledragonfly Post author

      Hi Kim
      I have my comments switched so that you need to be approved first before your comment comes thru. After I approve it, then you can comments freely on any posts of mine.
      Hitting the comments tab was the right tab. It’show this theme works.

  3. smurf

    Hey Karin

    Sounds like you are having fun with skeet. It does take time to get used to the new environment. it took Cooper a couple of weeks to settle in.

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