It’s been a week now with Skeeter. i forgot what it was like to have a dog around…lol. He is a great little guy. So happy and quiet. Just wants love all the time. There have been a few accidents and he peed on the carpet. Most of the time he is good and can hold out for a few hours. Just the last 2 days have been off.

Anyways, I got busy and uploaded all my videos, finally. I want to get Skeeter on vid and put it on the blog. He looks so funny when he plays with his stuffies.

So my next project is to get all my photos scanned. I want to do all my childhood photos. I also have to redo some of Mom’s pics. Then I need to get a shoebox full of negatives scanned. I have no idea what all is on those. Might find some interesting pics.

What else? Well my IC is finally getting better. I spend most of January lying around in pain and jacked up on meds. Not fun. I hope that some day there is a cure for IC. Until then, I have to suffer when I get a flare-up. The part I hate is after wards. I feel so weak. I cant do anything and all the lying around just makes me weak and lazy. Now I have to start walking and doing yoga and then hopefully I can use my bike soon.Would be nice to take the bikes into Vancouver this summer and ride around the Seawall. I also want to try rollerskating this year. I use to love it. I dont like Rollerblades. Plus I dont think I will be able to balance on them with my dizzy spells.

I guess Mom, Rudy and Gizy will be home this coming weekend. Wonder what all Mom found at the flea markets in California? I know she said she was Bra shopping again….lol. I’ll do a post and let you know what she brings back. Well, I think that’s it for now.

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