1. Luct Bruni

    Hey Karin,
    Beautiful writings! I am sorry about your dad, I am happy that you had a chance to say good bye to him, and let him go with peace in his heart. You gave him and yourself a beautiful gift. I admire you that you do not curl yourself up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself…you keep going and searching!
    I remember those days when you did feel a bit rebellious, I was beside you for a bit of that time. I am happy that you have a positive outlook on life, I know that can’t always be easy when you are in pain. Just know that you are inspiring and that when I go to complain about something I will stop and turn it around and look at the blessings. You gave me the kick in the pants I needed this morning thank you!
    Have a super day Karin,
    Your old bud Lucy

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