Gregg and I were at home watching TV saturday evening when the phone rang. It was Matthew. He said ” I have a surprise for you” and wanted to come over to show me. I told him to to come on over and hung up the phone. Gregg’s first reaction was “they got a dog”. Since we know Matthew has been wanting one for a while now. Then Gregg said “They went to Vegas and got married”. Since Matthew and Bree are engaged it was possible. My reaction to this was “They better not!”  Gregg said ” He is coming over to show you the ultrasound pic of the baby”…lol

Anyways, Matthew showed up walked through the door and behind him he has his little brother Colby. What a great surprise! The sneaky guys had planned this 2 weeks ago. Since Colby lives almost 5 hours away I dont get to see him often. Since he graduated school he has been busy with work and trying to get his truck running and just having a busy life.The last time i saw him was at my dad’s funeral in June of 2008.

He spent Sunday with Matthew and yesterday he was with me. Matthew dropped him off in the morning and we decided to surprise my Mom. I called her and told her a white lie, that Gregg needed to go to an appointment close to her place and that we wanted to come over for lunch first and we requested homemade pancakes. This was a bit tricky since Gregg and I are on a low carb diet and pancakes are not on our menu. She did ask if it was ok and I just said we were having a craving.

When we got to her door, I walked in and then Gregg and she was starting to close the door when Colby popped his head in. She shouted with joy and gave him a huge hug. She was very surprised and happy to see him. We had a great lunch, Colby got his fill of Oma’s pancakes. We even talked about taking some and driving by Matthew’s work and teasing him that he didnt get any and eat them in front of him….lol

Then it was time to go. We said goodbye to Mom and hit the road. We took Colby shopping, he needed some new runners and some clothes. Talk about a big foot, 13 wide!  As you can see by the photo, he is a big boy.(just like his dad)

Oma, Mom and Son

He also got a hair cut. That’s when I finally recognized him again…lol

Pre-Haircut - Side ViewLooking Normal

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Thanks to Matthew for making the trip to bring Colby for a visit. So happy that I got to see Colby again. Even though it was only a short visit it was still great to see him.

2 comments on “My Guys

  1. Lucy

    What a great day you must of had. Way to go boys for surprising your mom like that and Oma too! LOL I love your haircut also Colby, suites you best. Now don’t wait 2 years to come again, you aren’t really that far! :o)

  2. Waltrude Gortzen

    Way to go, Matthew!
    You made Oma and Mom’s day!

    And I agree with Lucy, Kamloops isn’t that far away, Colby, you better show up more often so that the rest of us could maybe see you too, from time to time! 🙂

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