Seems there is no end to the clutter around here. If its not in the bedroom its in the kitchen or the laundry room and even in the bathroom. I have been slowly going thru our condo corner by corner. I want to get rid of everything that is useless. If it hasnt been used in the past few years then its gone. I am getting rid of old books and dishes and anything that is wasting space.

When I moved out on my own back in 2000 I had nothing. Only clothes, some personal items, all my photos my bike and that was it. I had to start over. I actually really liked that I had a minimal of stuff. Just bought the basic furniture and household items that I needed. Now with Gregg it seems we have collect a crap load of stuff. When he moved in he brought his stuff. Then his Dad remarried and gave us all the stuff his new wife didnt want. When Mom and Dad moved from the house and into a condo we got more stuff.

Now we have so much stuff that I am feeling the need to clean up. I am not a neat freak but I do like to have a clean home. Our condo is 1200 sqft. Its not big but its a good size for us. With the 2 cats it was fine. Now we have Duncan and its doable. I’m not complaining about the animals, I love having them. I just want to get things cleaned up.

I am feeling a bit of clutter in myself too. I notice that when I start to see the clutter around the home I also get cutter in the brain. Too much crap starts to pile up and the shovel just isnt big enough. I try to clean it up but the pile just gets moved to another corner. I guess it doesnt help that I am in the middle of scanning all my pictures from my entire life. This is always a problem for me. I really hate looking at my past. But it’s time to get it done and over with.

I need to scan all the pictures and negatives, put them on dvd and then get rid of all the prints. No more need to look at them. I dont need the photos, I have the memories. Hopefully they will be gone someday too. I want to erase everything. My new life started in 2000. The only items I want to bring with me are my boys. No need for the rest. Maybe from now on I will acknowledge nothing from before. Just blank it out as if there was never  a past. Yeah, right…lol. Who am I trying to kid??

Hopefully getting the photos done will help me, but even this is becoming a hated task. I’m almost ready to shovel it all into a box again. I wont. I will finish it this time. No more putting it off.

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Last Modified: April 8, 2010

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