Had some site issues but Gregg fixed them. Some how things go a bit messed up.

Been a while since I blogged. Let’s see, we found a new home for Yas. Duncan has been busy getting hurt and sick. Poor little guy. Last week he ripped off the nail of his dew claw. and then this week he did the other one. Then last night he was sick, puking for a few hours and today he was scared to death of the fire alarms going off all day.

Other than that there really hasnt been much to blog about. I’ve been sick a lot, but that is nothing new. I did have my wrist surgery last month. Had a ganglion cyst removed. It’s still healing. I think it will take a few months before I will be able to use it properly. Still dont have all the strength back and I cant bend my wrist too well. It was a challenge to walk 2 dogs..lol

Gregg started his new job and he seems to really like it. It was a bit odd getting use to him gone everyday again. At least I have Duncan and the cats to keep me company.

As soon as the weather getting better, Duncan and I will be doing a lot more walking. I can feel that my back has gotten very weak from all these months of doing nothing. Would be nice to try to get him to run beside my bike this summer.

Anyways, that’s it for now.

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