Gregg and I spent the weekend shoe shopping for me. I love shoes, but I really hate it when I am on a budget and have to bargain shop. We dragged mom out with us on saturday. Thought she might like to go along. We  headed to the Mall and went to every store that had shoes. Trying on pair after pair. Finally deciding that we needed food. After we had a snack at the food court we checked a few more stores in the Mall and found nothing.

We hit one more store then dropped mom off at home. Gregg and I hit Walmart and the Shoe Company. Nothing. Very depressing. Finally we just headed home. On Sunday we went back to the one store that I did like one pair and had put on hold. I tried them but decided not to take them and got 2 other pairs. Interesting how one day makes a difference in finding shoes.

We stopped at mark’s Workwear world and I found sandals there. Three pairs of shoes and all I still need are some flip flops. Which I already know where to buy them. Need to wait for the next paycheck.  At least now I have some shoes again.

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