This summer the weather has been a little “off” to say the least! First its rain then sun then thunder and lightening and now a heat wave. I honestly believe that we have damaged our earth. The severe weather we have going on all over the planet is starting to show just how much trouble we are in for. Ah but I am just jabbering, I know nothing about this global warming stuff.

I just know that I am very glad I have A/C. I think i would be in a whole lot of pain if I had to suffer with just a fan on me. This rash i developed last week has finally gone away. I am going to assume it was a heat rash. I have never had one so painful. No amount of anti-itch cream and aloe vera lotions were helping. This morning I wake up and its completely gone. Thank you A/C!

Duncan has been sleeping thru most of the day, even he knows its too hot out there. Baby is spread out on the living room floor enjoying the cool air and Bunny is sleeping under the bed. I felt so bad, I didnt realize that I had locked her out on the deck saturday when i turned on the A/C. She was out there all day in 35c heat. When I opened the door she was crying and ran past me so fast to her food dish and litter box. After she had a drink she came and let me pet her. Just glad we dont have the sun on the deck all day otherwise I think she might of really cooked.

I do hope it cools down a bit soon. I dont mind the heat but when it gets past 30c it gets a bit too hot. Plus it would be nice to have  a breeze at least.

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