Christmas is in the air
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I am not blogging as much as I should. I have really not been in the mood to blog. Plus, what should I blog about??

Christmas? ok, let’s chat about it. It’s changing. Every year it seems that its different. As a kid it was always the same. We would get ready and go to church on Christmas eve, then drive over to my grandparents house. We would get to see my Dad’s family. After that we would head home. Where we would have something to eat and then open gifts. that changed as we got older and we opened gifts on Christmas day.

Since my sister got married, we have been switching the 25th and the 26th for our family dinner. It worked well so that my sister could see her husbands family too. As we have all gotten married and have kids we have kept this arrangement. Last year I had the family here for the 26th. I moved it to 27th so that my boys could both be here and same with any other family members. This year we are all heading to my brothers place on the 25th. The year after that we go to the next brother in line on the 26th. and so on. We each take a turn having the family over so that Mom doesnt have to do the work anymore.

For the past 20 years we have been doing a family dinner with my Mom’s side of the family. My sister has always been the one to make the phone calls and send the emails and make sure everyone knows when its happening. Last year we almost canceled it, and this year we did. Why? well, seems that family is no big deal some people. My sister sent out an email asking people to let her know who was coming and only a handful responded. I told her its enough, cancel it. It’s sad that the family cant even get together once a year. This dinner was the only day in the year where I got to see relatives I dont see any other time. Unless there is a funeral or a wedding. Maybe the few that still want to do the dinner can still get together at someone’s house every year. As for the big family dinners, they are over. Sad, anyways…

I have been thinking of doing a Christmas party. I haven’t had one in about 14 years. I think it’s about time to do it again. I first thought I would do just cousins, but now I think I’ll invite others too. I also have to figure out a date. Most people already have plans on all the Saturdays in December. So I might have to pick a Friday. Unless I do it in between Christmas and new years eve. Hmmmm…

I’m also trying to decide when I should decorate. I usually wait till December 1st. Gregg likes to wait till The 11th. I guess I’ll wait for now. At least until after this weekend. We are going to the Christmas show at the Tradex Center on Saturday. So I might get some new decorating ideas. I’m also now sure if I want to set up the big tree or the small one this year.

If my back doesnt get better soon, I wont be do any decorating. And what about baking? Do I do a bunch of Christmas baking this year? Am I just doing it for me and Gregg? Sometimes I wonder why I bother. huh oh, this is sounding like the “bah hum bug” attitude coming out. Better stop that right now!

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  1. Waltrude Gortzen

    Sooooo………… I kind of got the feeling, from those that were there, that they wouldn’t mind if we continue with the Christmas gathering, no matter how few show up!
    So what do you think….. should we?

    Ohhhh, my Christmas tree is up ! ! ! ! 🙂

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