Snow Walk3

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Duncan kept on ringing the bells to go out every 5 minutes. So I decided to bundle up and take him for his first snow walk. He wasnt too sure what all the white stuff was, but he did pretty good.
There are a few more pictures on our flickr page.

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Last Modified: November 25, 2010

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  1. Danita Stumpff

    Christmas Eve was usually my favorite growing up! We would go to 5:00 mass-the only time I ever liked going to church-and then come back to my parent’s home for an “appetizers only” party. My dad would make his well-known pizza bread. We gorged on a variety of dips and other fun foods and just enjoyed each other’s organization. This year will be my first time hosting it and I can’t wait. Oh, and we also had Christmas Eve pajamas!

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