Christmas is done. Gone for another year.I’m kind of glad too. I never really felt it this year. Not sure why, but my Christmas Spirit was missing. Maybe it had to do with being sick and then the back and hip pain. Or maybe it really was about that stupid tree not being put up. Oh well….

Most of my Christmas weekend was spent with a bad sick tummy. Finding out that wheat is in so many things. I didnt realize I was THAT allergic to wheat. The next 3 months I have to avoid it and a few other items. I had planned on going back on my diet but I didnt really want to leave out yummy wheat items.

I cant believe how quick this year went by. Just a few more days and its 2011. Time just flies by. I wonder what the new year will bring? I can only hope that it brings happiness and good fortune. Gregg still has his job and has signed up for school again. This means that I will have more time on my hands while he studies in the evenings and weekends. Maybe I need to find a new hobby?

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Last Modified: December 28, 2010

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