As you can see I have been working on my blog trying to get it going again. I have added a new page where you can see all the photos Gregg and I have on flickr. As photos are added the page will update. I’m going to be adding a recipe page soon. So I can share all the family recipes I got from Gregg’s mom. I might add more pages, but for now thats it. I figured my blog needed a new look. I would love to find someone to design a theme for me, but that costs too much. Maybe in time I can do it myself.

As you know I have been busy scanning my Mom’s negatives. Today I started on some of my pictures. Wow, I forget how many I have. I think its going to take all week to scan them. Next I have Gregg’s to do and then his dad’s. After that I think I will scan all of the old ones from Gregg’s family. Now that will be interesting. Lots of history there. I have VHS tapes that I need to get onto DVD too. So many things I have been putting off. Now I am finally feeling the need to get them done.

I need to get the business site up and running again. Lots to do this year.

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Last Modified: January 16, 2011

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