Milling Rice

As you know I am on a wheat free diet. I’ve been looking for other types of flour that taste good and easy to bake with. Well, Mom gave me her milling machine a few years ago and I finally found a reason to use it! I milled some rice. Yup! I did and its just like regular flour. So many websites tell you to wet the rice and put it in a blender. I thought that sounded a bit odd. I researched as much as I could and every where I looked it was wet rice. Hmmmm! I called mom.

Grain Mill

Mom explained that water is NOT needed. So I milled the rice. it was very loud and it took about 45 minutes to grind down 2 pounds of Brown rice.

Rice Flour

Rice Flour

Now I needed to find a recipe! I had a couple ripe bananas to use up so banana bread it is! Well, muffins.

Banana Rice flour muffins

Banana Rice flour muffins

MMMMMM! So tasty! Even Gregg said that they are good! Tomorrow I see if I can make rice bread!

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