Its been another month that I havent blogged. I guess I get side tracked and forget to write.

So what have I been up to? Been sick a lot with my IC. Seems my seasonal depression has hit again. I am so moody. Up one minute and then the slightest thing will set me off to be angry and then I get down. I hate it. I know the only cure for me is to have some warm sunshine on my face. It’s amazing how much I really need the Sun.

I have been scanning lots of photos and negatives as you all know…lol(facebook) I still have many more to scan. I also get lost in fixing the photos, which takes a lot of time. Some times I lose a whole day on one picture. So if you dont get a reply from me, you know why!

It’s raining, again…

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Last Modified: March 14, 2011

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