Since the beginning of this year I have taken on the project of scanning every photo and every negative in our home. I knew that this would be a huge job. Well, I have scanned at least 4000 pics so far and I am not even half way! I havent even started to edit them. That alone will take months. I is nice to know that I am actually getting some stuff done.

Besides the scanning I have also started some spring cleaning. I went through our clothes and got rid of anything that was really old and stuff that we never wear. Filled up two garbage bags. I also went through the towels and bed sheets. That was another bag full!Next step in the boxes in the storage/laundry room. There are so many things that are in boxes that we never use. SO why keep them? I mean, I cant take any of it with me when I’m gone. I just want to de-clutter and have a simpler life.

Buy only what we need and use what we have. Sounds easy! LOL..its not. Seems we always need more. I do try to to save money where ever I can. This month seems we had to spend extra money. First the microwave decided that it needed a permanent vacation. So we shopped around and found a good deal. Then our TV in the bedroom finally drove me insane. It always had a buzzing sound but the past month is got really bad. I couldnt watch it unless I turned up the volume to drown out the buzzing. Plus, about 2 inches of the screen were messed up. So every ones head was upside down…lol. It was 30 year old tv. We started looking for a new tv a few weeks ago and found one this weekend for a great price.

We got rid of most of the stuff except for a few pillows and blankets that Matthew is going to come grab. Now if I could only find someone that wants my fish tank supplies. Over 400 bucks worth of stuff and I cant even get one nibble on craigslist. I guess I will have to give it away.

Well, I have more scanning to do! laters people!

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Last Modified: April 5, 2011

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  1. dave

    I hear ya! my neighbours are amazed at the stuff I am de-cluttering! and OMG, I am even tossing old photos, have taken up the dictum ” quality not quantity” scanning perhaps one in ten. a clean house is a sign of a clean mind. anon ta da for now. am dividing old silverware into packets of four place settings to give to the local food bank, to assist those with none.

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