We added a new foster dog to our home last night. He is a miniature pincher. Very cute little guy. Definitely a lap dog. He is constantly asking to be held or sit in my lap. His name is Jackson, but I have noticed that he doesnt really know his name. So, we are going to change it. A new name and a new start. The details on this little guy… He belonged to my cousin. They just didnt have the time for him. Locking him up all day in a kennel while they were at work just wasnt a good life. He hasnt had much training. He is 1 year old, black and tan. He is a runt. Smaller that most min-pins. I think he weighs about the same as a can of beans…lol might have to call him Beans.

This week will be all about housebreaking. So far we had one poop accident this morning. I think he gets the idea that he doesnt need to mark his territory here. Since Duncan is neutered and there really is no threat to him. Also no female to protect anymore. He has been holding out till I take him outside to pee. Right now its once an hour just so he gets the idea. Tomorrow it will be every 3 hours.  After a few days he will feel better about being here with us. Seems he is a bit scared of what he can and cant do. He has been running around playing with Duncan. So far he has been very quiet. Not yappy at all. He makes high pitched whining sounds when he gets excited. Sounds like he is crying. But he isnt, he is just having fun.

He still needs to be neutered which will be done asap. I think he is under weight and might need to fatten up a bit before surgery. I noticed that his body burns hot when he plays. Not sure if this is normal for such a small dog. This breed is new for me. I guess I will have to do some googling today.

I will keep you updated as to how things go with him.

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Last Modified: April 26, 2011

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