This has been a terrible week. As most of you know as to my updates on facebook, My boys are sick. Jack got neutered last week and he was doing fine. He has been licking at his scar, but it healed. Sunday night they both had a bit more than normal amount of food. Which I was ok with. Sometimes they need more. By 5am Jack was pooping. Monday and Tuesday were long days with him.

The next morning he was actually doing better. Took the dogs out and noticed that Duncan had the runs. Both sick is not good. Jack started up with the runs again by later afternoon. Gregg and I had a long night with both of them sick.

We tried giving then some pepto to help settle their tummies but it only gave them about 2 hours of sleep. Gregg even ran out last night to pick up some peptid AC to try that, but it was a no go. Today its been rough. Jack is permanently in his crate, only getting taken out to go outside. I just cant risk him loose in the condo. He poops everywhere and when he does, he walks. Yes he walks as he poops. You can imagine the messes that we have cleaned.

Duncan has been allowed to roam around for now. He does go ring the bells to go out, but he hasnt been able to make it outside every time. He is now on the sofa curled up in a blanket resting.

And me? Well, I am washing all the bedding, vacuuming and cleaning carpets. So far my back seems to be holding up. It’s getting tired, but I am taking breaks and trying not to over do it. I have called the Vet and they are both going in later this afternoon when Gregg gets home from work. I hope that what ever this is, it is treatable. It’s been horrible watching them suffer. They both feel bad with the mess they have been making. You can see that they know pooping in the house is wrong.

I have a feeling that what ever this is, it came from the Vet. A bug that sat and incubated for a couple days and now is going crazy in their tiny bodies. I have ruled out every other possibility. Even the rat poison that my neighbor told me about. I think Jack being as small as he is, would have died by now. I’m pretty sure that what they have didnt come from our home.

I’ll do a update post as soon as the Vet figures it out.

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Last Modified: May 12, 2011

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