Well, it was a long week and half of cleaning up after the dogs. We took them to the Vet last Thursday and found out that they both had a very bad intestinal bug. He told us what it wasnt, but wasnt sure exactly what it could be. He assumed that with Jack having surgery and the stress of a new home was just a bit too much for him. So he gave them antibiotics that covered a bunch of stuff.Well it worked! About an hour after the first dose the boys were up and moving. We still had some accidents, but it was so much better than before.  Now on day 5 of the meds, they are all back to normal.

Jack is slowly getting the idea that he has to pee and poop outside. We have been working on getting him to ring the bells just like Duncan does. Jack doesnt seem to get it. Tho, he does prance around and sniff the leash when he needs out. So far that is the only sign he has given us. Gregg did some reading about the breed and found out that Min Pins will eat and eat. I found this out yesterday morning…lol  I was free feeding him. With Duncan he just nibbles and his food is down all day. Well, Jack just kept on going back for more and more! For 2 hours! Now they both get fed in the morning and the evening. Jack has gained back the weight he lost last week and could stand to gain another pound, but I dont think he needs more than that.

We have been taking him outside to the fenced doggy area without a leash and he listens well. He stays close and follows Duncan so he can pee over the area than Duncan has peed on..lol Sometimes he does it before Duncan is even done peeing! LOL

The good news! Looks like he has a new forever home to go to in a couple weeks.

I guess I will clean the carpets once he is gone…lol

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Last Modified: May 17, 2011

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