Well, Jackson is no longer with us. He has been given to Yuana the person that runs the rescue society. He got sick again this time we just didnt know what to do. So she came to see him and ended up taking him home. It looks like he will have some long term health issues. She thinks he has IBS and possibly pancreatic . Hopefully she will get him on the right track and be able to adopt him out to a forever home that will take the time to learn what he needs.

On to other news…

The low carb (LC) diet is starting to work! The first 2 weeks were a bit slow, but now we are into it and enjoying the food. It was a bit hard to let go of all the bread and pastas. Our main foods are meat, veggies and eggs. I am down to 149lbs. I know its only 3lbs but that’s a lot for me since I dont have much to loose. Not sure what Gregg has lost since he wont weigh in 😛

Now, last night I went through some stuff and I found some more Gordon clan stuff. Will it ever end? LOL I think this is the last of it, but I’m not sure! I’m still looking for all of the slides from Gregg’s dad. I know they are here! Anyways, I have the family bible. It’s old! 1893. WOW!

Family Bible

Family Bible

Family Bible


Family Bible

This was the topper. Births, marriages, and deaths. There are wills too.


I have to thank Gregg’s Aunt Jesse for saving all of this information. She went to great lengths to find it all. This is only the tip of the iceberg! I have boxes of papers. My only problem is, who to give it to next?


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  1. Waltrude Gortzen

    You have some real treasures there!
    Have fun digging around the family tree! 🙂

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