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Why pay for a name brand exfoliator when you have it at home. I have been using my own home made scrub. It’s so simple and it leaves my skin smooth, soft and clean. What is it? SUGAR. That’s right. I add a spoonful of sugar to my cleanser a couple of times a week.  You can also mix sugar, honey and olive oil to make a paste. But I find it’s just a s easy to add it to my face wash. I use cetephil. Yes it has ingredients that I normally avoid, but its the only face wash I have been able to use without getting a reaction.

So, add a teaspoon of sugar and gently rub in circles on your face. Make sure you wet your skin first. Then Rinse. I have noticed that it clears up those tiny blackheads on my nose. Try it and I bet you will like how your skin feels. It also gets rid of dry dead skin on the body.

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