Yup! It’s getting all Christmasy around our home. All the decoration and tree are up. Just need to put some lights on outside. I guess I’ll do that this week. I didn’t know which to pick this year, blue or multicoloured lights, so I went with both.  Last year I only put up a tiny pink tree and a few decorations and it didn’t feel like Christmas. This time I put it all out again. It’s just for Gregg and I to look at and that’s what matters the most.

Well here is our Tree.

Christmas 2011 (10)

As you can see my Grinch stocking and Gregg’s polar bear stocking are waiting to get fattened up.
Christmas 2011 (38)

This is part of my center piece

Christmas 2011 (41)

My Angel

Christmas 2011 (25)

Snow peeps

Christmas 2011 (53)

The table and chairs we inherited from Gregg’s grandparents. It opens to fit 8 people.

Christmas 2011 (50)

The Cabinet that Gregg’s grandparents made.

Christmas 2011 (47)

Displaying my antique ornaments.

Christmas 2011 (28)

You can see the full set on my flickr page or go directly to our Flickr


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