Since my last update I am feeling much better. I haven’t seen any doctors, but I do have a lead on a family doctor that I will be meeting next week hopefully. He is my mom’s doctor.

Any ways, I have been very careful with the food and drinks and it’s making a difference. I am 99% sure that what I have is an ulcer. I have been taking vitamin E and Evening Primrose to help heal the tummy. Now that I have cut out carbonated drinks, and past the craving and headache stage, I don’t even look at the pop in the fridge. Gregg has cut back too. The only problem for me is I get bored with drinking only water and tea. Gregg brought home some flavoured waters that are sweetened with Splenda.It’s a nice change. I have one bottle a day.

I have noticed that I am not really craving meat like I use to. Mostly I crave fresh fruit and bread.Instead of eating a lot of bread I have a bowl of Kashi cereal for breakfast and some fruit. Have some bread with dinner. I’m trying to cut out all the wheat products, but it’s not that easy. Wheat is everywhere!

So, the tummy is better, but there is still bloating below the tummy. Under the belly button. I guess that would be the bowels/intestines. By the end of the day that area feels like its going to burst open. I don’t notice the feeling if I wear tight pants. When I see the doctor I will talk to him about this.Maybe I will still need to get a colonoscopy.

Well, that’s my health update.

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