Lately I haven’t felt like blogging. I have been sad. I feel sorrow.

Sorrow is an emotion, feeling, or sentiment. Sorrow ‘is more “intense” than sadness…it implies a long-term state’.At the same time ‘sorrow – but not unhappiness – suggests a degree of resignation…which lends sorrow its peculiar air of dignity’.

A feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others.

Why do I feel this way? It’s hard to answer this question without you knowing who I am. I am not unhappy, but then I am not over flowing with happiness. I guess I am in the middle some where. I do want to be happy. Actually, I was almost there.

Then something happened.

Now my path towards happiness has a few pebbles in the way. Some of the pebbles have been kicked to the edges, but some rocks have appeared. They are a bit heavy and I am trying to remove them from my happy path. Just that some have moss growing on them and they are a bit slippery. I have found a good sturdy shovel to help me move them to the edge.

Some pebbles and rocks do get wedged into the path and that’s ok. I just step right over them and keep walking. As I walk, I hold my head high. I smile at the Sun and know that He is watching over me. I laugh and shake my head. I whisper to him, ” I’m taking the high road, just like you would want me to.”

I will keep on walking.

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  1. Waltrude Gortzen

    Hope happiness is just around the corner!

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