I have the bug again. I want to clean and purge. Get rid of things that we never use. What’s the point in keeping stuff that you never need? Well I have gone through my clothes and have a pile that needs to go. Today I am taking pictures of every item and am going to start selling them on Bidding Wars. This is an awesome group. Post a pic and watch people bid and it must sell in 24 hours. If it doesn’t sell, repost until it does. I have a few other items that are not clothes and those I will put on the other Bidding Wars group.

With Spring cleaning comes the cleaning of the sundeck. Gregg and I did give it a quick clean so we can at least sit out there and enjoy the sunshine. We will pressure wash the deck next month. We did enjoy the deck for a bit over the Easter weekend, but after a few minutes of enjoying the sunshine the smell wafted up and assaulted my nostrils. Yes, once again the smell of dog urine and feces took the place of fresh air. I am hoping that this summer we will be able to use our deck. But I have this sad sinking feeling that it’s not going to happen.

I just don’t understand why the people below us can’t just take their dog outside to the dog area to do its business. How hard is it to get up in the morning and walk about 50 feet? They never take the dog out for a walk. It’s cruel. Why even have a pet?

I could complain and go on and on, but what’s the point? I am going to hope that they will stop and think about the rest of us that have to live here and they will keep their patio clean this summer.If they don’t, then I am going to be writing to the Strata Board every single day until something gets done.


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