For the past 2 months Colby has been laying in a hospital bed. Recovering from a bad accident at work. I didn’t say anything, cause I really didn’t want people to think that I was “looking for attention”. I see how people do that on Facebook and other sites. I didn’t want to be one of those people.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to share any of this. But I want to share my relief. Knowing that he is alive is a big relief. He could have been killed. Squished under a forklift. Not just a small one. These are the type that carry pipes for the pipeline up in northern BC. About 12,000 lbs.

His right side was run over. Crushed his foot, Pins and screws, Broken ribs and shoulder. Road burn on the face. A couple of inches over and it would have squished his head. Dead. He has many months of pain and healing. He might even end up with a limp. He has had to have his thigh drained of fluids (twice), that keep collecting. Now he has a tube in so that it drains. I guess that is from the leg being squished. It’s having a hard time healing. He is a tough guy. He can handle a lot. He is like his dad, doesn’t feel pain. But when he does, I know it must really be bad for him. My heart aches, knowing that he is going through this and I can’t help.

I am just grateful that he is alive. I know it’s a long road back. I am here for him and so is the rest of the family. I know my boy, he will do what needs to be done to get back on both feet.

I wish I was able to see him. But it costs a bit more than I have. To travel up there and the cost of hotel and food for me. I can’t believe how expensive airfare is. Crazy! So, all I can do is be the voice on the phone. His Dad lives in town with him, so he does have him there. But, being the mom, I want to be there to take care of him.

He was suppose to come here for Christmas. That isn’t going to happen now. Wish I could go see him. Maybe I should do a gofund me page? LOL yeah, like people would actually give me money.

Ya know, If it was Spring/Summer I would do the drive. Long drive but worth it.

I worry about him. I worry about his future. What will it be? I miss my boy. ;(

Well, I just wanted the family and my friends to know what has been going on and why I havent been my normal self lately. It’s hard to sit here when I know I should be there.

I guess that’s why the christmas decoration are up early. I am trying to keep busy..






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