Colby made it

I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee. As I am typing Colby (my wacky son) is saying every single word I type. Its very annoying! (LOL) We are still working on the DVD for tomorrow’s party. We found a new program that is finally working. So it will get done!Matthew will be here in a … [Read more…]

Today we learn a new word

Thats right people! The word of the day is …… take a deep breath…let it out…relax….. “PORN”. Now don’t get all panicky on me. Calm down, everything will be ok. “PORN” go on you can say it.PORN.PORN.PORN. See how easy that is? You are probably wondering why I am having you say this word? Am … [Read more…]

Honeymoon 156

Honeymoon 156 Originally uploaded by The Gordons. One of our Pictures from Mexico. I can hardly wait to go back and sink my toes in that warm soft sand. This is from our Flickr site. If you click on the picture it should take you to it. If its not working just let me know.

memories are funny that way

I was just looking at my pictures folder and came across some pics of my boys. I wonder if they really know how much I love them? There are days were I just want to sit and cry cause I miss them both so much. I realized a couple of weeks ago that this will … [Read more…]

Colby’s coming tomorrow!

Yup! That’s right! He will be here for the party this weekend. I’m very happy that I get to see him.I wonder how much more he has grown? Last I saw he was towering over me. And he asked for a razor since he forgot to bring one…lol.So today I cleaned and vacuumed did the … [Read more…]