Colby’s coming tomorrow!

Yup! That’s right! He will be here for the party this weekend. I’m very happy that I get to see him.
I wonder how much more he has grown? Last I saw he was towering over me. And he asked for a razor since he forgot to bring one…lol.
So today I cleaned and vacuumed did the laundry and now I’m pooped.
I bought some new decorations last week. I’m doing my tree all blue this year. I also added to my “snowpeople” collection. Yes, thats right, I collect Snow people. I will have to take some pictures once I am done with decorating. I think I’ll get Matthew and Colby to help do the tree on Saturday.
I plan of getting as many snow people as I can fit into our condo….lol
Well as may as I can fit into our storage room.

So I have been working on this dvd for dad’s party. I can honestly say I am so frustrated!
I really hate some of the programs out there. But I think I finally have one that might work.
At least I am hoping it will. I have alot of pics to use and I hope I haven’t forgotten any family members, but if I have its too bad! I’m not doing the dvd over! 😛

On a happier note….I have lost 15lbs!!!!
Only 15 more to go. Gregg is doing really good too. Over 30lbs gone! I’m so very proud of him.

Here I sit.

Well here I am once again setting up a new blog. My last one got boring so I deleted it. Yup, I do that at times for no reason. Could it be because I am weird? or maybe its the self-medicating?
Who knows? Who cares? I don’t! So , anyways, I am here. Not sure what I will be rambling about but I’m sure It will be weird and interesting and some times a bit risque bit I am sure that you will enjoy it.
Thats it for the moment.