Meat Muffins

Sounds almost sexy…lol “hey there meat muffin” Wink Wink. LOL  ok anyways, Last night I was planning to make stuffed pork tenderloin but decided on something different. I was looking for ground beef recipes. I didn’t really find anything that said “pick me!” I found one that I changed a bit and Gregg and I gobbled them up.

Meat Muffins

1 pound ground meat(beef,chicken,pork)
Spices(I used Mexican,but you can spice the meat how you like)
1 cup chopped onions
1 cup chopped mushrooms(optional)

Fry all that together till brown and yummy. I let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Then drain the fat out. Put in paper towels to squish the rest of the grease out. Let it cool down.

Make some pancake batter. I used Krusteaz’s buttermilk pancake mix(found it at Costco). You want whatever mix you make to be a bit runny so it pours. Take a muffin pan and fill the bottoms of each just so they are covered. Then spoon in the meat  and cover with the rest of the batter. Makes 12 muffins.

Put in preheated oven(375c) for about 20 minutes or until the tops are brown. Remove let cool and then….


Meat Muffins

It’s that easy!

Mom’s 75th Birthday

I finally have a day to relax. I have been so busy this week. My sister and I and with some help from the other women in the family planned a 75th birthday party for our Mom. It was quite a task. There was food to bake and cook. There was the setting up of the amenities room at my sister’s condo complex. There was the invitations that were made by my sister and her daughter. There was the gift. Which took us a couple weeks to all agree on. Then there was the fact that we didn’t want Mom to find out any of the details. We did have to let her know that we were planning a family dinner.

So, Last week I took on a project that I thought would be easy. Well, it was easy but very time consuming. I was going through my google reader and checking on some of the craft bloggers I read daily, and I saw something that I thought would make a great party favor for all the women that came to the birthday lunch we had planned.

I was on the Coterie Blog and saw this post and loved the idea. So I made a list of all I would need and headed out to get the supplies. Instead of Banana bread I did cake mixes. My list was simple.

  • 35 4 inch pots
  • 8 cake mixes
  • ribbons
  • sparkly things

Sounds easy right? Not so! I had to find the pots. Gregg came with me and we went to Wal-Mart and found 16 there. Then it was over to Home Depot, they had none. Then we drove to Rona and got all we needed. After that it was off to the Dollar store for ribbons and decorations. And finally to Save-on Foods to get the cake mixes and eggs and oil and powdered sugar.


I started with washing all the pots. I ran them through the dishwasher. The next morning I decided that I would white-wash them all. I found some white paint and watered it down and gave them all one coat. They dried and got another coat. That took up most of the day. At about 3pm I started with the decorations. I finished 27 pots by 7pm.


The next day I started with the baking. I did a test run to see how many pots I would need per cake mix. 4 pots worked well. The baking went pretty good. I only messed up on one pot. Each set of 4 pots baked at 350 c for 35 minutes. Then I pulled them out and put in the next 4pots. While those were baking I removed the cakes out of the pots and let them cool. I washed the 4 pots and started over.


I then took the cooled cakes and put them into the decorated pots and labels them on the bottom so I knew what flavor it was. I kept rotating between the 2 batches of 4 pots I was using to bake with. All together it took me 6 hours to finish all the baking.

I took a break, had some dinner and a shower. I then started on the icing. That took another 2 hours to do. Then I realized I still needed to get a layered salad ready for the party. I thought my night would never end!


I finally finished them all. 32 pots decorated and ready to go. In the end it was all worth it. Everyone loved their potted cakes.



There was a ton of yummy foods to eat. My sister made 2 different fruit punches. We ordered a birthday cake from my Niece’s friend that makes special cakes. We got her to put a big ring on top with all of us 5 kid’s birth stones. Mom didn’t really see the cake until we pointed it out after she has opened the box with the gold family ring we got her as her present. She was so happy I thought she might even cry.

At about 3pm almost all the ladies had left. Then the family started to show up for the BBQ. We all relaxed and a good time as a family. We all laughed and enjoyed the rest of Mom’s day.

Today is her actual birthday. So I called her to wish her a happy day. She is having some friends over for coffee and to eat some more of that yummy cake.

Banana Muffins

2 wicker baskets full of muffins sit on a blue...
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I had to use up some bananas today. I decided that I would make some low calorie muffins. Its a simple recipe. Anyone can make these and they taste pretty good.

Mix together the first 4 ingreidents.

1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda

Then mix the rest, and blend it all together.

1/2 cup no calorie splenda
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup apple sauce
1/2 cup low calorie vanilla yogurt (can try other flavors)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup bananas

Pour into muffin pan or loaf pan, I used silicone muffin pans. This makes 12 muffins. Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes or until brown on top.

The calories for one muffin is 110 cals . 1 gram of fat. 22 grams of carbs. 1 gram of fiber. 6 grams of sugar.

You can add nuts or top with frosting. Or maybe add a few dark chocolate chips. There are so many things you can do with this simple recipe. Now we will see if Gregg like them 🙂

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ShortBread Cookies

I had bought everything I need to make Shortbread cookies but then Gregg and I saw this box of mix at Costco. We thought, why not?! So we did. And they are easy and yummy. A bit crumbly.

Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread Cookies

So far Gregg has enjoyed them…a lot. Me too…hehehe If you want to see the rest of the cookies just follow the link to our Flickr site. Or you can go to my new Photo page.

Reindeer Poop

I did some baking this year for the first time in about 15 years. Yes I said 15 years. You might wonder why its been so long. Well, After Leaving my old life behind. I never really felt the craving to bake anymore. For some reason this year the baking bug hit me.

So I went on a internet search for some new recipes to try. I was hoping to use Gregg’s Mom’s recipes but I still havent found them. I did find 8 recipes just not the ones I wanted. So I found some online and tried them out. I have been reading a certain blog for a while now and really enjoy all the recipes they have. A lot of the food reminds me of the food I grew up on. If you know anything about German Mennonite cooking you will love this blog.

Here I found the recipes for snow drops. I made these but changed a few things plus renamed mine to Reindeer Poop.. lol. Instead of Crispex (I couldnt find any) I bought a box of Rice Krispies and a box of Corn Squares. Mixed and crushed them together. Then melted the chocolate chips and peanut butter. Poured that over the cereal and stirred. I didn’t have a paper bag so I used a large zip lock bag. I added the mixture to the bag of icing (which, by the way was made out of splenda and cornstarch) And shock the bag till it was all coated. Then scooped it our with a large strainer to get some of the sugar off.

Once it was all coated I put it in a pan and then into the freezer. An hour later it was hard and easy to package into containers. Measuring
Pan of Poop

This stuff is so yummy! So I made a second batch For Gregg’s dad. He is Diabetic so it was made with 8 unsweetened baker’s chocolate squares and a cup on Splenda. I actually forgot the peanut butter and poured the chocolate on the cereal mix and then covered it the same way with the Splenda and cornstarch icing sugar. It tastes good too!

Piles of Poop

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Baking Day

Shortbread rounds before being baked
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Well,  I spent the day baking. I never did find all the recipes from Gregg’s mom. I found about 8 so far. No idea where I put the rest. Its ok I found other recipes to try. I made shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, truffles, rum-balls, reindeer poop, and oat fudge bars.I still have a few more things to bake tomorrow.

I’ll put up pictures and the recipes over the next few days. I am way too tired to do it all right now. I’m off to have a soak in the tub and then into pj’s and watch TV. Have a good evening!

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