Happy Birthday!

Today is Gregg’s 40th Birthday. I just want to say a few words.

The smile on your face
When things don’t go your way
Your smile stays with me
As I start my day

The warmth in your heart
I feel it all the time
And knowing that the love in it
Truly is all mine

The loving words you speak
Make my problems disappear
You make me feel so good
I always want you near.

Happy Birthday My Love.

I hope that this day is filled with fun and happiness!


Had to steal this one

“Is it just Me, or are Myself and I crazy too?”

I read this at Matt’s blog and laughed. I thought “that’s me!, I need to use that!”. So I am stealing it!(Mahahaha!) I think I will have to make a blinkie out of it.

As for the rest of my day, Gregg is home from work so that he can take me to see my PS(plastic surgeon) for my 1 year check up. I can’t believe that on the 22nd will be a year since I had my breast reduction. I can tell you that it was so worth it and I am so very happy I did it. For those of you that don’t know, I was a 36G. Now I am a 36C-D. And the price of my bras had gone from 100.oo down to 20.oo! I love it! woooohoooo!

Anyways, we are off to see my PS in Surrey and then we have to head to New West to see my Allergist for another test. This time he is testing me for foods. Last time he didn’t get a good reading for just the pin pricks so this time I will be getting small shots, about 20 of them. (good times). After that I’m not sure where we are off to since it will be heavy traffic going home. Probably go for dinner and then head home.

I found this and just wanted to share with all of my friends….hehehe

Look what I found!