Condo Cats

Good-bye Fatty Baby

Today I put my Baby to sleep. Sweet dreams BabyDork. You will be missed. You were a weird cat. Not very friendly. Your drool made my skin itchy You were a moody son of a bitch, but I loved you. Bunny is going to miss you. Duncan will look after her. Tho, you only liked her the last few years. I saw you in the pet store and I had to have you. You were only 5 weeks old. You were my birthday gift to myself. You lived a long life. 15 years and 8 months.

I am going to miss you fatty Baby.


BabyDork Tree

Hodge Podge-38


Bunny Bed

Christmas Dance!

Who is in my bed?


Baby and Bunny

Just felt like sharing some pics of my kids. Baby turned 7 years this last October. and Bunny just turned 3 a couple weeks ago. She still looks like a kitten. Baby looks huge next to her. So here they are doing what they do best…..nothing!

Around The House 0222007 03 29 Temp 002

Lazy Day 010Lazy Day 007

Condo Cats

They are back! The Cats have their blog back up and running. Here is the link–> click

Baby has insisted that him and Bunny do it on their own this time. Which is fine with me, gives me more time to do other things. You will have to be patient since they are still learning how everything works. I hope that you will enjoy their blog and visit often.