It’s a Boy!

Chair Sitting
Image by The Gordons via Flickr

Yup! We have added a new member to our family. We have decided to keep Skeeter. Originally we were only going to foster him till we found a good home for him. The last 2 weeks we have had to go thru a lot with him. The pills he has been on have made him loose control of his bladder. He pee’s without even realizing he is doing it. At least we havent had poop accidents. He let’s us know when he needs to go out for that business.

I honestly didnt think I would get attached to the little guy. I wanted a different breed. But he is so good. So quiet and well behaved. He loves to cuddle and doesnt care if he is in the middle of playing. He will stop and cuddle with you. He is great in the car. Sits in the back seat and goes to sleep. I think in time he will grow into a great dog. He is well on his way already. The best part about him is that he is happy. Just wants to please you and tries so hard to be good.

SO, to my family… Dont worry, he will not be coming into your homes unless you say its ok. He will be with us most of the time and when visiting he can stay in the car. This will be done until we know that he can be trusted at home with the cats. Might take a few months. Also we want to make sure he is completely housebroken before he gets to go visiting in other homes. He is very close and we will find out better when he is done his last pill on Tuesday. One good thing about him being part grey hound, he doesnt seem to have a very strong doggy odor. As for shedding, it’s hardly noticeable now that he isnt afraid and shaking like the first couple weeks. With regular brushing it’s kept to a minimum.

Now to find the right name for him…..hmmmmm

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