Not Much Happening

I seem to be blogging once a month these days. I guess I just dont have much to say. Things are the same as always. Well, for me at home at least. We got some bad news recently that Mom is loosing her eye sight. She has chronic glaucoma and it’s bad. She cant drive and has a hard time reading or watching tv. She has to take it easy and not do too much. Which is hard for her. She has always been one to be on the go all the time.

Since Dad died 2 years ago, I dont think she has really had a break. With remodeling her condo and moving, then her sister having cancer. She really hasnt taken time to just sit and catch her breath. Now she has no choice. I totally understand how it feels to have to just stop. When I hurt my neck, it was the same for me. I had to stop, and watch the world move on without me. It’s a terrible feeling to know that your life has suddenly changed.

She will adjust, as we all do. Hopefully the doctors can help her in some way. With time, she will learn how to live with her poor eye sight.

What else has be going on? Well, Gregg is still working, but not sure for how long. Might only be another month and then back to job hunting. He is hoping that the company will hire him on full time. That would be great. To finally have all those years of schooling paying off.

We pout the cats on a Well, Duncan was going in and eating the cat food. So now we feed them twice a day. They seem to be fine with that. They might even loose a few pounds. Baby REALLY needs to loose about 10lbs. He is huge! Bunny has a tiny muffin top…hehe

Well, thats about all I got for today.

Back up and Running

Had some site issues but Gregg fixed them. Some how things go a bit messed up.

Been a while since I blogged. Let’s see, we found a new home for Yas. Duncan has been busy getting hurt and sick. Poor little guy. Last week he ripped off the nail of his dew claw. and then this week he did the other one. Then last night he was sick, puking for a few hours and today he was scared to death of the fire alarms going off all day.

Other than that there really hasnt been much to blog about. I’ve been sick a lot, but that is nothing new. I did have my wrist surgery last month. Had a ganglion cyst removed. It’s still healing. I think it will take a few months before I will be able to use it properly. Still dont have all the strength back and I cant bend my wrist too well. It was a challenge to walk 2

Gregg started his new job and he seems to really like it. It was a bit odd getting use to him gone everyday again. At least I have Duncan and the cats to keep me company.

As soon as the weather getting better, Duncan and I will be doing a lot more walking. I can feel that my back has gotten very weak from all these months of doing nothing. Would be nice to try to get him to run beside my bike this summer.

Anyways, that’s it for now.



Image by ___federico___ via Flickr

I finally talked to Colby. He has just been too busy to call. When I asked what he was doing, he said “not much”. LOL, ok so he hasn’t been too busy. He just never remembers to call me. Typical for a growing Boy. He wants to come down for a visit, but doesn’t want to miss out any work. He will try to come down for a weekend next month and I told him he has to come down for his Oma’s 75th Birthday in May.

What else? Oh, as you know Gregg and I went to Matt & Bree’s for dinner on Sunday. We had a very nice time. dinner was good and I brought over some leftover Christmas baking that I had in the freezer for dessert. Their place may be small, but they have it organized well. I guess its our turn to have them here for dinner soon.

As for me, I have spent all yesterday afternoon and still now in a bad IC flare-up. I had a a rough night with all the pain. Even been doubling my meds. I’m not sure why it has started up. I think it might be either the ice tea I have been drinking too much of, or the new lotion I have been using, or just the stress of wondering where and what Colby was doing. Well I don’t have to worry about Colby, he is fine.  I’m not drinking any more iced tea and the lotion was returned to the store yesterday. Now I just wait for the flare-up to stop. This could take hours or weeks.

On a happier note…. I have lost a total of 5lbs this month. Gregg has lost 8lbs. Slowly going down for both of us. 🙂

Slow Pace

This week is a bit slow. I’ve been home doing my workouts and house work and crap like that. So nothing new. Making sure Gregg and I stick to our diet plan. I’m slowly losing weight and Gregg is too. It’s better to take it off slowly anyways. Too fast and it will just come back twice as much. I have noticed a difference in my waist since I started doing yoga. Its getting a bit tighter. Which makes me happy. I really like my Wii Fit. It’s really easy to use and I like that it keeps track for me. I think Mom should get one. I bet she would love it.

What else? Survivor started last week and so did Amazing Race. Both are shows that Gregg and I watch together. We like to pick apart the shows and say that we could do better…lol. I have other shows I watch while Gregg does his homework. Lost is back on too so I’ve been watching it. Waiting for Prison Break to start in April.

I did hear a rumor… Dippy might be moving soon. I can only hope and pray that it really is true and will happen before summer is here. Supposedly, he has been approved for a mortgage and is looking for a place in Chilliwack. If this is true, I hope that they sell the condo to some nice older people with no kids.

Oh,  Matthew and Bree have moved into their new condo and they have invited us for dinner this Sunday. This will be a first. I’ve offered to bring dessert, just have to figure out what to make. I’m looking at low calorie recipes today.

Well, that’s whats happening around here.

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Been Reading

I’ve kind of been into my books this week. I got a few novels from the library and have been cuddled up under a blanket on the sofa reading. I guess I needed a break from my computer. I’ve also been in a bit more pain lately. I’m back on my Tramacet for my lower back and tail bone. Its been very painful to sit for longer than 45mins at a time. Even getting enough sleep has been difficult. Laying down flat is impossible.These pills are helping, I just don’t want to depend on them.

So in the mean time, I have been reading to keep my mind busy. Doing stuff around the condo. Playing on my Wii. I’m not able to to the Wii Fit since the back pain, but I will start again soon. Gregg and I are both back on the diet. I have lost 2 lbs this week so I’m happy about that. He has joined at work, the Biggest loser program. I’m hoping that it will help him keep motivated. Soon as the weather is better and warmer we can start riding our bikes again.

On other news, Mom is having a great time in California. Says the sunshine is nice and toasty. I sure hope she brings the sunshine back with her. We need some! What else is going on? oh! I talked with Matthew and he has decided to stay in town at his job and is working things out with his girlfriend. I was so happy to hear this news. I really hope that things work out for them. I think she is good for him 🙂

As for Colby, haven’t heard from him in 2 weeks. He did tell me that he had to put his dog to sleep cause he was very sick. I’m sure it was hard to do. He was my dog and when I had to move out I left him there for Colby. They were best buddies. I guess we all have to deal with live and death through out our lives. Its just hard when the decision is put on your shoulder to decide your best friends fate.

Well, the day goes on….

Christmas Dance!

Today is ….

Christmas Cookies
Image by EverySpoon via Flickr

I realized that today is Gregg’s Mom’s Birthday. She isn’t here to celebrate this day anymore. She died many years ago in a terrible car accident. It’s sad, I know, but we go on. Anyways, the last couple days Gregg has mentioned how at Christmas time his mom would bake cookies. So I am on the hunt for her recipes. I know they are in the storage room in a box. I just have to find the right box…lol

He says that his Mom made the best Bird’s nest cookies ever, along with a few others. So I want to start making these for Gregg so that he can have some and remember the good times of Christmas. Just like I remember all the good times I had as a kid. I think the one thing that always makes Christmas better is all the smells of baked goodies and the turkey cooking. Christmas music playing in the back ground and people laughing and enjoy themselves.

Well, I will go hunt these recipes down, then share them with you all.

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And So It Begins…

The Christmas season is here. Gregg and I did the tree and the decorations and even some shopping. It was a busy weekend. We still have to put the lights on outside. Which I think I might get to today. Other than that, I think this year will be a relaxing one.

We don’t have many plans. We have the dinner at Mom’s on the 20th to celebrate living in Canada for 40 years. Then on the 21st we are all invited to go to my brother and his wife’s baptism in Vancouver. Which we will be attending as long as I feel good and there is no snow. Then we have Christmas dinner at my Sister’s house on the 25th.

So really this year is a slow one. Usually half the family gets together on Christmas eve to go out for dinner and then go to church. I think this year might be the start of something new for Gregg and I. We really dont have any “traditions” of our own. Since we don’t have kids together and my boys are older and want to do their own thing. Gregg and I have talked about possibly doing something just for us. Sure anyone can come and join us. What is it that we want to do? Go see a Christmas movie.

LOL… yup I know it sounds weird. Seriously, I thought it was too. But have you noticed that there are new Christmas movies that come out on the the 24th and 25th? So why not go see one? If we aren’t snowed in and have nothing else to do then we might as well go have a good time.

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