Colour Change

Last year I coloured my hair a deep dark Plum. I really loved the colour for the winter months. After a couple months I changed it back to my normal natural medium brown. Well it’s winter again and I want to go back to that plum colour. It’s made by Natural Instincts #32 Egyptian Plum.

This is my before colour…. as you can see I had some purple streaks.



And now after….. The purple streaks are gone.




I like it! BUT…it took forever to wash it out. The water took about 15 minutes to run almost clear. I guess it will take a couple more washes. Its semi-permanent, so it washes out in about 6 weeks. Basically it just fades out. Good thing I bought another box!

So what do you think of the colour?

House Full

Our home seems a bit fuller now with Skeeter here. We dont mind, he is a great addition to our family. He is such a happy dog. Soon we will have another dog with us. We have a new foster dog coming this weekend. I sure hope having 2 will work out in a condo. I guess we will have to figure out how to train both of them together. With my bad wrist we will have to each walk a dog.

I do have to say that having Skeeter here has made my dizzies a lot less. I had a couple days this week that were rough, but since he has been here I think I’ve only had about 10 dizzy days in these 2 months. I still have the daily dizzies that I cope with. I can only hope that it will keep getting better.

With the weather getting warmer and the sun setting later, we can now go for walks in the evening. This will be great to help Gregg loose weight and for me to get in shape. All these years of dealing with my dizzies and back pain and so many other health issues, I am starting to feel a bit more in control and able to start doing more. I do have to get my wrist fixed soon. Once that is done I will be able to do so much more. I have an ultrasound on April 30th.

I did start a new project that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I started scanning all the photos in the house. This will be a huge job. It really needs to be done so that I can get rid of all the printed photos. I will keep some and put them in albums, but the rest are going. Once all that is done I have some old VHS tapes that I need to copy to my PC and put on to dvd.

Well I better get to some cleaning. Need to make room for the new dog and have to stay on top of the vacuuming and dusting since Skeeter has a thing about dust. Oh yeah, I cut all my hair off. I wanted to have it short for the summer.

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Hair- To Cut or Not To Cut?

Well the day is approaching. Tomorrow I am going to see my niece to get my hair cut. Question is, how much to cut? I’ve been letting my hair grow wild for about 3 years now. My bangs have grown out all the way to my shoulders and the rest is half way down my back. I like long hair. Its easy to deal with. Lately though, all I seem to do is ponytail it. Its getting too hot on the back of my neck. My hair is very fine, but there is lots of it.

So, the plan is to lighten the load. I have been searching and looking at pictures of haircuts and I think I have decided on what I will be doing. I’m going to get a “shag”. I layered cut but still keep the length. I am not sure what to do with my bangs. I like that they are out of my eyes now, but it would look funny to have them long and the rest layered.

Here are some pics I found of what I am thinking of doing….

Sample 1sample 2sample 3sample 4I like all of these. I’m still looking. I think out of them all the first one is what I want. My hair is so straight I will end up looking like the last pic which is ok too.

I guess I’ll see what happens tomorrow! Maybe I’ll go really short again!

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Colored my Hair…again

Yup I know… I have colored it again. I did the purple streaks back on Jan.30. Since then the purple started to wash out and I recolored it with a light brown, which didn`t take very well. So it was time to do it again. This time I went darker to get rid of all the blond-orange that was coming through.

So that is what it looks like now.It`s a bit dark, but I like it. I used Natural Match 5N by L├▓real. It didn`t get rid of all the color in the back. I guess it will have to grow out. You can see a little bit of difference in the front but not like before. I`m happy with it.