Home Made Soap

I have tried so many different laundry detergents and have only found 2 so far that I can handle with my IC. I just thought that why cant they make a soap without all the crap in it?  do I have to pay so much for soap that hurts me?? So I started looking to... Continue Reading →

Wheat Free

Since Christmas I have been eating wheat free. Why? Well, I am allergic to wheat..duh!  I have known this for a few years now, but I have been doing ok with small amounts. My allergist told me that when my allergy flares up all I need to do is avoid that item for 3 months.... Continue Reading →


I saw my new Urologist yesterday. He seems like a nice man. He is young , so I guess he will be around for a while. So we talked for a bit and I told him that I had gotten some antibiotics from my doctor and that they were helping. He gave me  another 3... Continue Reading →

Pills, Pills and More Pills

So I went to see my doctor yesterday afternoon. I had to do something to help get rid of all the pain I have been having lately. A while back I thought I was just having a bad IC flare-up. So I saw the Doctor and did a urine test and Nothing showed. So I... Continue Reading →

Doctor’s Visit

Well I saw my Doctor yesterday and he is setting up an appointment to see a new Urologist. I also did the pee test for him at the lab and will know more by the end of the week. He didn't want to give me any meds until he knew for sure that I needed... Continue Reading →

Today’s Stuff

As you can see by the way my blog has changed I am working on a new theme. It might be a few days before I find exactly what I am looking for. Please leave me comments if you like any of them. As for me, well I am in pain once again. I have... Continue Reading →

Can I have a new Bladder?

I thought my IC was under control. I was wrong. It started up again last night. I am getting frustrated! I wish there was some miracle pill to fix this. Oh well...such is life.

5 days

So its been 5 days now that I have my IC under control. I can only hope that this lasts for a while. If I'm careful and don't eat or drink anything on my Bad list. I know 5 days doesn't seem all that exciting to you "normal" folks. But those of us that suffer... Continue Reading →

Crap! Stupid IC!

Ever since my IC flared up 3 weeks ago I can't seem to get control of it. It went away for a couple days but then it was back and its been off and on. I feel ok when I get out of bed but by mid afternoon it seems to start up. I honestly... Continue Reading →

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