Spring Cleaning

I have the bug again. I want to clean and purge. Get rid of things that we never use. What’s the point in keeping stuff that you never need? Well I have gone through my clothes and have a pile that needs to go. Today I am taking pictures of every item and am going to start selling them on Bidding Wars. This is an awesome group. Post a pic and watch people bid and it must sell in 24 hours. If it doesn’t sell, repost until it does. I have a few other items that are not clothes and those I will put on the other Bidding Wars group.

With Spring cleaning comes the cleaning of the sundeck. Gregg and I did give it a quick clean so we can at least sit out there and enjoy the sunshine. We will pressure wash the deck next month. We did enjoy the deck for a bit over the Easter weekend, but after a few minutes of enjoying the sunshine the smell wafted up and assaulted my nostrils. Yes, once again the smell of dog urine and feces took the place of fresh air. I am hoping that this summer we will be able to use our deck. But I have this sad sinking feeling that it’s not going to happen.

I just don’t understand why the people below us can’t just take their dog outside to the dog area to do its business. How hard is it to get up in the morning and walk about 50 feet? They never take the dog out for a walk. It’s cruel. Why even have a pet?

I could complain and go on and on, but what’s the point? I am going to hope that they will stop and think about the rest of us that have to live here and they will keep their patio clean this summer.If they don’t, then I am going to be writing to the Strata Board every single day until something gets done.


The End is Near!

Another year gone. Wow, hard to believe how fast time goes by. Seems the older I get the fast time goes. This past year went by so fast, I didn’t get anything done. At least that’s what I thought until I really looked back in time.

In January I started to scan all the photos I had from my life, Gregg’s life and his family and all of my Mom’s photos. It took me 6 months to scan just over 7000 photos and negatives. Since then I have only burned them to DVD. I had planned to edit them all, but I was so burnt out from all the scanning I left them alone. I guess they will get done next year.

In August I reconnected with an old friend. I never thought that I would ever see her again. We now talk and keep in touch on Facebook. I think that if we lived in the same town we would end up seeing each other every day like we use to.

Those are the hi-lights of my year. Not much else happened. I spent a lot of time sick this year. September was the worst. The pain my back had gotten to a point that I couldn’t even stand straight. I finally agreed to see a Chiropractor, (again). Over the years I have seen many and none have helped. Well, it’s been 4 months of going once a week and I can tell you that I am feeling 80% better! He knows of my neck injury and has worked around it, but now he is actually working on it. He wants to help me so that I am not so dizzy every day. There is no twisting on the neck or body. He only hits pressure points using a small tool(activator). I will keep seeing him. What ever he has been doing, is helping me.

So, what will the new year bring?

End of August we will be seeing Cirque De Soleil “Quidam”. I got tickets from Gregg for Christmas! 3 tickets. We are taking Mom with us. Very excited!

It will be our 10th anniversary in September. We are planning and hope that it will happen that we can go back to Playa Del Carmen. We try to go ever 5th year. It’s also my 45th birthday in October. So we want to be there for the end of October so I can have a drink on the beach for my birthday and we can celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Other than that, I really don’t think there is anything else so far. I do plan on getting in better shape now that my back is getting better. I guess I will just have to see how things go. Take each day as it comes. I won’t make any new years resolutions, it’s just a bit silly to make empty promises that you know you won’t be able to keep. I do want to try to blog more, but I’m not making any promise that I will do it! LOL

Honeymoon 156

Happy New Year everyone!

Home Made Soap

I have tried so many different laundry detergents and have only found 2 so far that I can handle with my IC. I just thought that why cant they make a soap without all the crap in it?  do I have to pay so much for soap that hurts me?? So I started looking to make my own. I searched on Google and found so many recipes, but mostly they had 3 main ingredients. Off to the store!

I found what I needed.

  • Washing soda
  • Borax
  • Sunlight bar soap

Yup, thats all you need. I saw some recipes where you can make liquid, but I went for the dry. It was so simple to make. No messy wet goop. All you need to do is shred the bar of soap as tiny as possible. Some people use a food processor but I just used a grater. It needs to be small enough that it melts in the water.

  • 2 cups grated soap
  • 1 cup washing soda
  • 1 cup borax

Mix it all together and you have dry laundry soap. Use 2 tablespoons for each load of  dirty clothes. It works out to cost about 5 cents a load. It will save us about 60 bucks a year.

You can also use different soaps. My next batch I will use ivory soap. Most recipes call for  Zote or Fels-Naptha. I couldnt find them here. My laundry smells so fresh. Not sure how it will smell when I use Ivory soap.



Its My Birthday….again

Seems I just had one last year…lol. Wow…42 years old. I cant believe it. Ya know, I’m ok with my age. Sure I’m in my 40’s. Big deal. Soon it will be the 50’s. I just hope I still look young…lol. I think I was lucky and got the young gene in the family. I’m still a hot looking woman…hehe Well at least Gregg says i am and I trust his judgement.

So what am I doing on my special day? Gregg and I are going to have our morning coffee as usual, and then get ready to go over to Mom’s. Pick her up and head to the border. We are going to stop off at Wal-mart and meet up with Mom’s sister Susi for a coffee. After wards we will get back on the road and drive down to Bellis Fair Mall where I will be buying my present. I have been needing new runners and I have decided that I want the Skechers Shape-ups. I hope they help with my back pain and my sore heels when I walk. I sure want to be able to go out walking and not have to stop after 15 minutes from the pain. Its so frustrating to try and get in shape and not have good shoes.

I also need jeans. Since I finally am at my goal weight I need some jeans that I dont have to keep pulling up or have to wear a belt. Plus I dont want stretchy jeans. I cant find any that are normal jeans around here unless they are flared, low riders and cost way too much and I dont do the skinny jean, I just dont like them. I like a boot cut or straight leg and long. At least a 34 inseam. Most are 32 and that is too short for me. But why do jeans have to have lycra in them? I want regular old school jeans…lol

Well maybe I’ll find them at the Mall. After the shopping is done we are going to take mom for some real Mexican food. Gregg and I have both been craving Tacos el Pastor. I want Mom to try them too. I think she will enjoy them.

Well, going to go start dinner. Its House and heroes tonight.

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Busy Working

I have taken on a new project this week. My sister’s Mother-inlaw died and she asked me to make a video of her life for the service this friday. So that is what I am doing. I know it sounds simple enough, but its not. I have had to learn how all these new programs work.

Gregg got me all of the latest Adobe software. Very cool stuff. So as I am making this video I am also teaching myself all the new cool things I can do with it. Once I get more practice it will get easier.

In the mean time, My sister and I both had the same idea, and Gregg did too. Since my sister is so involved with the church and has a million friends, I will be setting up a small business to see if  making videos for all occasions might be a great way to earn some extra income.

I’ll be making up a few business cards and hopefully a website too. I need to come up with a name. So if you have any ideas please post them in the comment area.

So its a bit of a busy week.

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Health Show

I just saw this and thought of my family members that are into healthy living. It looks like it could be interesting. Its the Total Health Show at the Tradex Center in Abbotsford on March 28 &29. I looked at the list of exhibitors and I know of a few of the companies. I would say its worth going if you are into all this kind of stuff. I might go. I won’t buy anything there since it would probably all be too pricey. But I bet there will be a lot of free samples. It would be a good place to get a table and try to sell your own heath or beauthy products. If that is what you are into. Maybe Lucy should look into it?

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Face Creams

For the last 2 months I have been searching for a new face cream. I was using Olay Total Effects For the past year and really liked it, but ran out. I also noticed that my skin was looking a bit dull. So that’s why I was hunting for a new one.

Since I have picked Clinique as my makeup, I did look at getting their creams. I checked the ingredients and tons of reviews and for the most part their line of creams are good, but not what I was looking for. I then found out that Costco was selling a few different brands. I trust Costco with a lot of  brands they carry. Well, they have signed a deal with Borghese and have the “Costco Signature Borghese Collection. At Christmas time I had bought the makeup brush set and I just l love it. So I figured, it’s Costco, I can return it if I don’t like it, I bought the day cream.

After 3 weeks of using it, I returned it. Not that I didn’t like it. I really think its a great product, but it’s not for my type of skin. I have very oily skin and this actually made it worse. I had so much oil on my face it was producing blackheads and making my skin itchy. I didn’t get back to Costco right a way, so I ended up using a sample set from my Sister-in-law. She sells BeautiControl and swears by the stuff. I figured I would try it.I really wanted this stuff to work for me. It just doesn’t do it. My skin broke out with little white heads and was itchy and the fragrance wasn’t nice.I don’t want to say that this is a bad product, it just isn’t right for me.

Cause I have IC, I have to be so careful with the products I use. Using the set of samples from BeautiControl, my IC flareup with in 2 hours. I was not happy. I tried it for 2 more days and my IC got worse. The pain was horrible. I stopped using it and the pain was bearable. I took 4 days off from all products so I could get rid of this flareup I was having.

It finally went away. I got Gregg to take back the cream to Costco and told him to just grab me a bottle of the Olay again. I knew that I could handle that one and it would be ok with my IC. Instead, he calls me from Costco and says they have a new cream in stock and it was on special and asks if I want to try it. He told me it was Elizabeth Arden. I said sure. I’m such a sucker for a new product.

Well, I have been using it for over a week now. It has cleared up all the black heads and the whiteheads. No more itchy feeling. It’s cleared up all the problems from the other products I tried. Plus my skin feels soft and not greasy. It seems to be working well. The price was great. With the coupon it was under 30.00 for 2 jars. These will last for a year or so. It does have a very faint fragrance(which smells very nice), but its gone with in a few minutes. What I really like, it that its a very simple cream. It only has 6 ingredients in it. No extra crap added.


So I plan to use it for a while and see how my skin feels after a month. I have a feeling that this will become my regular cream. I’ll update in a month.

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Pink Shirt Day

Slow Pace

This week is a bit slow. I’ve been home doing my workouts and house work and crap like that. So nothing new. Making sure Gregg and I stick to our diet plan. I’m slowly losing weight and Gregg is too. It’s better to take it off slowly anyways. Too fast and it will just come back twice as much. I have noticed a difference in my waist since I started doing yoga. Its getting a bit tighter. Which makes me happy. I really like my Wii Fit. It’s really easy to use and I like that it keeps track for me. I think Mom should get one. I bet she would love it.

What else? Survivor started last week and so did Amazing Race. Both are shows that Gregg and I watch together. We like to pick apart the shows and say that we could do better…lol. I have other shows I watch while Gregg does his homework. Lost is back on too so I’ve been watching it. Waiting for Prison Break to start in April.

I did hear a rumor… Dippy might be moving soon. I can only hope and pray that it really is true and will happen before summer is here. Supposedly, he has been approved for a mortgage and is looking for a place in Chilliwack. If this is true, I hope that they sell the condo to some nice older people with no kids.

Oh,  Matthew and Bree have moved into their new condo and they have invited us for dinner this Sunday. This will be a first. I’ve offered to bring dessert, just have to figure out what to make. I’m looking at low calorie recipes today.

Well, that’s whats happening around here.

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