Health Show

I just saw this and thought of my family members that are into healthy living. It looks like it could be interesting. Its the Total Health Show at the Tradex Center in Abbotsford on March 28 &29. I looked at the list of exhibitors and I know of a few of the companies. I would say its worth going if you are into all this kind of stuff. I might go. I won’t buy anything there since it would probably all be too pricey. But I bet there will be a lot of free samples. It would be a good place to get a table and try to sell your own heath or beauthy products. If that is what you are into. Maybe Lucy should look into it?

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Pink Shirt Day

The Mad Butcher

As you know I want to make Arrachera for dinner on Saturday. Well Gregg had to go to a butcher and order it since its a cut of beef that most stores don’t carry. In the past, we have tried the Mad Butcher and we didn’t like it. Why? Well, the old building they were in was just that, old. Everything about the place screamed POISON!Its was dirty and dingy. The lighting was terrible and the freezers were rusty. We weren’t impressed. I guess that is why the meat that we did buy there turned out to not taste so good.

Anyways, Yesterday afternoon They called to let me know that the skirt steaks were in. So I walked up. Lucky for me its only a 10 minute walk. (It was nice to get out of my condo since if was filled with pot smoke from Dippy below). I got there and was surprised. They had moved to a new building on the other side of the parking lot form the old place. I got to the doors and they swooshed open. No need to touch, that was nice. I walked in and looked around. The first thing I noticed, the lighting, it was bright. THen the cashier, smiling at me and wanting to help me.

So I asked about my order and she walked me over to the butchering area and grabbed it for me. I quickly asked if it could get cut into strips and he said sure but it was already cut thinly.We agreed that I would use it as is and let him know how it turns out. So walked around a bit looking at prices and meats. They have a tiny coffee counter with sandwiches and such. There was also a section of breads and spices.

I was very pleased with everything I saw. I admit that I will go back. Now that the place looks like a real butcher shop. The floors and freezers were spotless. The whole place felt friendly. Plus I like to see the butcher area. If I can’t see the butcher working then I don’t trust the meat. I think thats why I only buy meat from Costco or Save-on Foods. You can see what they are doing.

I bought some marinated chicken while I was there and we will be having it for dinner this evening. Tomato and basil sauce, I hope its yummy!


My Birthday Day

Yesterday was my 41st birthday. Yes I am officially in my 40’s. I had a great day. Gregg bought me a beautiful set of makeup brushes from Costco. I tried them out already and love them. So soft. The big brush on the end has mineral shimmer powder in it. I put it on and I had glitter all over me. Have to be careful when using it. Good part is, once its empty I can fill it with whatever I want.

After my morning coffee I was checking my emails. I signed up at a few sites the day before and was waiting to get email back. I got email from Red Robin‘s telling me to come get a free Birthday burger and Dairy Queen saying I can have a 16oz blizzard for free. So my lunch was planned!

We got dressed and headed to Red Robin’s for lunch. I ordered a Guacamole burger with fries.

Birthday Burger

After that we drove down the road to Dairy Queen where I got a Fudge brownie cookie dough with Reese’s peanut butter cup blizzard.mmmmmm! We took our blizzards and headed back home. Gregg gobbled his up right a way. I still have half of mine in the freezer. I was stuffed from the burger. So I get to finish it today.

Birthday Blizzard

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Some Changes

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico HDR

Image by mbonocore via Flickr

As you can see, I’ve been doing some changes to my blog theme again. I really like this one. I think this one will be the one for some time. I like that I can put my own photos in the header. Yes, all the different headers are pictures Gregg and I took. At the moment they are all from your last trip to Playa del Carmen. They might change on special days.

Other news… Gregg is finally job hunting. He is out there spreading his resumes all over Abbotsford today. I hope that he gets a responds. I’ll let you know how it goes when things start to happen.

Tomorrow its ladies lunch once again. We are celebrating my Aunt Anny’s birthday. Its also my brother’s birthday, but he isnt invited. I think he would look a bit out of place at one of our hen parties…lol

Also, Heroes starts this evening which I have been waiting for. There are bunch of shows all starting this week. So I won’t be online in the evenings.:)

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Eat Fraser Valley Show

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

We had a great day. We left home and picked up Mom at noon and headed to the Tradex Center. Once there we found parking which was 3.00 on the way out later. We walked in and our sniffers were hit with all kinds of goodness.

As we came through the main gate we grabbed a bag for all our goodies. We started to walk around and looked at all the different cooking supplies and foods and drinks you could buy. There were lots of products to look at. Some stands had samples to taste.

After going through all the vendors we headed for the food and drink section. We had to buy tickets to use for buying samples. 2 tickets would get you an once of wine. 5-8 tickets would get you some type of food.

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

I found a beer I really liked. Its made from rice. It was very smooth and tasty. I will be picking some up soon.

Eat! Fraser Valley Food & Cooking Festival

Gregg watched Bob Blumer “the Surreal Gourmet” make grilled pizza. We both thought it was funny since we already do it at home on our bbq. Its one of the best ways to cook pizza.

I also found a new wine that I must try again. Its made by “Lotusland Vineyards” right here in Abbotsford! The wine is a new creation called “Ortega”. Its a white wine. It was so yummy I could drink it every day. I will put this on my Christmas list.

My Sister and her hubby showed up half way through the afternoon. When it was time to leave they took Mom with them and headed to my Niece’s place in Langley for a coffee. Gregg and I headed home.

Eat! Fraser Valley Schwag

Once we were home, I sorted out all the stuff in my goodie bag. Check out all the swag! Lots of cat food samples. Baby likes them, but Bunny thinks that Duck flavored food is not yummy. I got recipes and coupons and the V8 fusion plus the razors were being given away at the door as you left. I tried out the razor and must say I like it. It would be a good thing to take with for traveling.

So, all in all, I think it was a nice day. We all had a good time.

P.S. Sorry this is a week late. I was waiting for Gregg to edit the pictures.

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Eat Fraser Valley

Gregg won some tickets to “Eat Fraser Valley” at the Tradex this weekend. So we will be going on Sunday. My Mom will be joining us and I think my sister and her hubby will be too. This should be interesting. All the food and drinks we will get to try out. I’m sure this will not be good for our diet…lol

We will be taking pictures and will blog all about it on Monday.

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Fun With Family

I wasnt really planning on going anywhere today. I did talk to mom last night about getting out to buy a gift for Gregg‘s 40th birthday this friday, but we didnt have any set plans. This morning mom called and said let’s go! So my sister Waltrude picked up mom and then stopped here and I jumped in the car and off we went.

We headed to Walmart to see what we could find. I found a great deal on a set of 3 Starfrit fry pans for 20 bucks. Usually 1 pan costs 20 bucks. I also found a pair of sandals that were 39 bucks regular but were priced down to 5 bucks! They fit great and will look good with jeans.

After Walmart we headed for Zellers and met up with my sister inlaw Gizy for lunch. I got my Jane lipstick and even got Waltrude to try out a new color, 2 in fact. Gizy took off back home, probably to jump in her hot tub. After we said goodbye we walked across the parking lot to the Shoe Company. Where all 3 of us found something we had to have. Waltrude found a nice purse, mom found sleek white shoes and I found cute red sandals. Regular price was 39.99 and on sale 29.99 and I used my points and go them for 22.95 including taxes. Not too bad!

This is the first pair of red shoes I have every bought. I like to stick to neutral colors, but I just could not resist these cuties. I did debate with my inner self for a while in the store. My sister and mom looked at me a bit funny. I finally gave in and did it.

After all the shopping we stopping at Costco for gas 1.29 L. is a good price. Then around the corner to the recycle depot to drop off an old monitor. Finally back here to kick me out and mom and Waltrude are still doing a bit more running around.

We did come up with a few ideas. We have decided that since Mom will have room in her new condo, we will be doing a ladies movie evening once a month. No hubbies and no kids. Sounds like fun to me! I will email all the ladies with the details and we can start doing this in September. Also¬† I was thinking we can do a “make-up” party. Clothing exchange party, and so many more parties. We will figure it all out.

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