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I have added a new page…. TV & Movies. It’s just a list of  TV shows I watch and I’ll be adding Movies and rating them. I’ll also be adding a Books page.

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What is it about fame that makes you die young? I just dont understand. You have tons of money and beautiful homes and cars. The best of everything. But the young people of Hollywood still insist on doing stupid things. I was shocked to hear that Heath Ledger had died. He seemed like he had his life in order. Maybe not? He was also a bit older that the young dummies that we see making the news these days. Its always sad when someone dies, but to die so young is even harder to see. I know that he will be missed by many. I enjoyed his movies and I will watch the last one he made that is to come out soon called “The Dark Knight“. Why will I watch it? It will probably be his best performance of his life.

As for all those young Hollywood stars out there, I wish they would all grow up. God gave you a brain, use it! Why do you insist on doing all those stupid things? Why cant you keep your underwear on? You have Limos with a driver, why do you need to go behind the wheel drunk? Sit up front if you want to feel like the driver. I know drugs can help you escape the horrible lives you all have, but stay home. There is no need to go out and act like fools. The only thing that will happen is that the next morning you will have the worst hangover and your naked “whoha”  will be on the front page of every tabloid. Is that really worth it?

Oh well, I can stand on my soapbox for hours on this subject. There is no point. I hope that young Hollywood Grows up and that no more of them die. Its sad to see such a waste of talented lives. But we all know that there will be more.


As most of the world has seen on the news that a bridge collapsed last night in Minnesota. It’s very sad. All those people that have died and all the families that are suffering. My heart goes out to them all. I hope that they will all recover from this disaster and that all people will be found.

Here is a link to the video that is being played on CNN. clicky

Anna Nicole Smith

She was pronounce dead this morning. She was only 39, same age as me. It’s sad to think that she just lost her son and now her new baby will have no mother. I wonder who will raise her daughter now? Here is what CNN had to say. click here
They don’t know yet what killed her, but I’m going to say is was an overdose of something.
Her is more about her if you want the details Click here