Doggy Update

Well, it was a long week and half of cleaning up after the dogs. We took them to the Vet last Thursday and found out that they both had a very bad intestinal bug. He told us what it wasnt, but wasnt sure exactly what it could be. He assumed that with Jack having surgery and... Continue Reading →

Shitty Week

This has been a terrible week. As most of you know as to my updates on facebook, My boys are sick. Jack got neutered last week and he was doing fine. He has been licking at his scar, but it healed. Sunday night they both had a bit more than normal amount of food. Which... Continue Reading →

New Dog

We added a new foster dog to our home last night. He is a miniature pincher. Very cute little guy. Definitely a lap dog. He is constantly asking to be held or sit in my lap. His name is Jackson, but I have noticed that he doesnt really know his name. So, we are going to change... Continue Reading →

Crazy Summer

This summer the weather has been a little "off" to say the least! First its rain then sun then thunder and lightening and now a heat wave. I honestly believe that we have damaged our earth. The severe weather we have going on all over the planet is starting to show just how much trouble... Continue Reading →

Not Much Happening

I seem to be blogging once a month these days. I guess I just dont have much to say. Things are the same as always. Well, for me at home at least. We got some bad news recently that Mom is loosing her eye sight. She has chronic glaucoma and it's bad. She cant drive and has a hard... Continue Reading →

House Full

Our home seems a bit fuller now with Skeeter here. We dont mind, he is a great addition to our family. He is such a happy dog. Soon we will have another dog with us. We have a new foster dog coming this weekend. I sure hope having 2 will work out in a condo.... Continue Reading →

It’s a Boy!

Image by The Gordons via Flickr Yup! We have added a new member to our family. We have decided to keep Skeeter. Originally we were only going to foster him till we found a good home for him. The last 2 weeks we have had to go thru a lot with him. The pills he... Continue Reading →

A Familiar Place

As you know I have been looking for something to do with my life now for some time. Since I had my neck injury my life changed dramatically. I had to give up a lot and learn to live again to help me deal with my disability. Its now been 10 years since the injury. I... Continue Reading →

Bunny Bed

Over the last week I crocheted a bed for Bunny. She seems to really like it.

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