Doggy Update

Well, it was a long week and half of cleaning up after the dogs. We took them to the Vet last Thursday and found out that they both had a very bad intestinal bug. He told us what it wasnt, but wasnt sure exactly what it could be. He assumed that with Jack having surgery and the stress of a new home was just a bit too much for him. So he gave them antibiotics that covered a bunch of stuff.Well it worked! About an hour after the first dose the boys were up and moving. We still had some accidents, but it was so much better than before.  Now on day 5 of the meds, they are all back to normal.

Jack is slowly getting the idea that he has to pee and poop outside. We have been working on getting him to ring the bells just like Duncan does. Jack doesnt seem to get it. Tho, he does prance around and sniff the leash when he needs out. So far that is the only sign he has given us. Gregg did some reading about the breed and found out that Min Pins will eat and eat. I found this out yesterday morning…lol  I was free feeding him. With Duncan he just nibbles and his food is down all day. Well, Jack just kept on going back for more and more! For 2 hours! Now they both get fed in the morning and the evening. Jack has gained back the weight he lost last week and could stand to gain another pound, but I dont think he needs more than that.

We have been taking him outside to the fenced doggy area without a leash and he listens well. He stays close and follows Duncan so he can pee over the area than Duncan has peed Sometimes he does it before Duncan is even done peeing! LOL

The good news! Looks like he has a new forever home to go to in a couple weeks.

I guess I will clean the carpets once he is gone…lol

Shitty Week

This has been a terrible week. As most of you know as to my updates on facebook, My boys are sick. Jack got neutered last week and he was doing fine. He has been licking at his scar, but it healed. Sunday night they both had a bit more than normal amount of food. Which I was ok with. Sometimes they need more. By 5am Jack was pooping. Monday and Tuesday were long days with him.

The next morning he was actually doing better. Took the dogs out and noticed that Duncan had the runs. Both sick is not good. Jack started up with the runs again by later afternoon. Gregg and I had a long night with both of them sick.

We tried giving then some pepto to help settle their tummies but it only gave them about 2 hours of sleep. Gregg even ran out last night to pick up some peptid AC to try that, but it was a no go. Today its been rough. Jack is permanently in his crate, only getting taken out to go outside. I just cant risk him loose in the condo. He poops everywhere and when he does, he walks. Yes he walks as he poops. You can imagine the messes that we have cleaned.

Duncan has been allowed to roam around for now. He does go ring the bells to go out, but he hasnt been able to make it outside every time. He is now on the sofa curled up in a blanket resting.

And me? Well, I am washing all the bedding, vacuuming and cleaning carpets. So far my back seems to be holding up. It’s getting tired, but I am taking breaks and trying not to over do it. I have called the Vet and they are both going in later this afternoon when Gregg gets home from work. I hope that what ever this is, it is treatable. It’s been horrible watching them suffer. They both feel bad with the mess they have been making. You can see that they know pooping in the house is wrong.

I have a feeling that what ever this is, it came from the Vet. A bug that sat and incubated for a couple days and now is going crazy in their tiny bodies. I have ruled out every other possibility. Even the rat poison that my neighbor told me about. I think Jack being as small as he is, would have died by now. I’m pretty sure that what they have didnt come from our home.

I’ll do a update post as soon as the Vet figures it out.

New Dog

We added a new foster dog to our home last night. He is a miniature pincher. Very cute little guy. Definitely a lap dog. He is constantly asking to be held or sit in my lap. His name is Jackson, but I have noticed that he doesnt really know his name. So, we are going to change it. A new name and a new start. The details on this little guy… He belonged to my cousin. They just didnt have the time for him. Locking him up all day in a kennel while they were at work just wasnt a good life. He hasnt had much training. He is 1 year old, black and tan. He is a runt. Smaller that most min-pins. I think he weighs about the same as a can of beans…lol might have to call him Beans.

This week will be all about housebreaking. So far we had one poop accident this morning. I think he gets the idea that he doesnt need to mark his territory here. Since Duncan is neutered and there really is no threat to him. Also no female to protect anymore. He has been holding out till I take him outside to pee. Right now its once an hour just so he gets the idea. Tomorrow it will be every 3 hours.  After a few days he will feel better about being here with us. Seems he is a bit scared of what he can and cant do. He has been running around playing with Duncan. So far he has been very quiet. Not yappy at all. He makes high pitched whining sounds when he gets excited. Sounds like he is crying. But he isnt, he is just having fun.

He still needs to be neutered which will be done asap. I think he is under weight and might need to fatten up a bit before surgery. I noticed that his body burns hot when he plays. Not sure if this is normal for such a small dog. This breed is new for me. I guess I will have to do some googling today.

I will keep you updated as to how things go with him.

Crazy Summer

This summer the weather has been a little “off” to say the least! First its rain then sun then thunder and lightening and now a heat wave. I honestly believe that we have damaged our earth. The severe weather we have going on all over the planet is starting to show just how much trouble we are in for. Ah but I am just jabbering, I know nothing about this global warming stuff.

I just know that I am very glad I have A/C. I think i would be in a whole lot of pain if I had to suffer with just a fan on me. This rash i developed last week has finally gone away. I am going to assume it was a heat rash. I have never had one so painful. No amount of anti-itch cream and aloe vera lotions were helping. This morning I wake up and its completely gone. Thank you A/C!

Duncan has been sleeping thru most of the day, even he knows its too hot out there. Baby is spread out on the living room floor enjoying the cool air and Bunny is sleeping under the bed. I felt so bad, I didnt realize that I had locked her out on the deck saturday when i turned on the A/C. She was out there all day in 35c heat. When I opened the door she was crying and ran past me so fast to her food dish and litter box. After she had a drink she came and let me pet her. Just glad we dont have the sun on the deck all day otherwise I think she might of really cooked.

I do hope it cools down a bit soon. I dont mind the heat but when it gets past 30c it gets a bit too hot. Plus it would be nice to have  a breeze at least.

Not Much Happening

I seem to be blogging once a month these days. I guess I just dont have much to say. Things are the same as always. Well, for me at home at least. We got some bad news recently that Mom is loosing her eye sight. She has chronic glaucoma and it’s bad. She cant drive and has a hard time reading or watching tv. She has to take it easy and not do too much. Which is hard for her. She has always been one to be on the go all the time.

Since Dad died 2 years ago, I dont think she has really had a break. With remodeling her condo and moving, then her sister having cancer. She really hasnt taken time to just sit and catch her breath. Now she has no choice. I totally understand how it feels to have to just stop. When I hurt my neck, it was the same for me. I had to stop, and watch the world move on without me. It’s a terrible feeling to know that your life has suddenly changed.

She will adjust, as we all do. Hopefully the doctors can help her in some way. With time, she will learn how to live with her poor eye sight.

What else has be going on? Well, Gregg is still working, but not sure for how long. Might only be another month and then back to job hunting. He is hoping that the company will hire him on full time. That would be great. To finally have all those years of schooling paying off.

We pout the cats on a Well, Duncan was going in and eating the cat food. So now we feed them twice a day. They seem to be fine with that. They might even loose a few pounds. Baby REALLY needs to loose about 10lbs. He is huge! Bunny has a tiny muffin top…hehe

Well, thats about all I got for today.

House Full

Our home seems a bit fuller now with Skeeter here. We dont mind, he is a great addition to our family. He is such a happy dog. Soon we will have another dog with us. We have a new foster dog coming this weekend. I sure hope having 2 will work out in a condo. I guess we will have to figure out how to train both of them together. With my bad wrist we will have to each walk a dog.

I do have to say that having Skeeter here has made my dizzies a lot less. I had a couple days this week that were rough, but since he has been here I think I’ve only had about 10 dizzy days in these 2 months. I still have the daily dizzies that I cope with. I can only hope that it will keep getting better.

With the weather getting warmer and the sun setting later, we can now go for walks in the evening. This will be great to help Gregg loose weight and for me to get in shape. All these years of dealing with my dizzies and back pain and so many other health issues, I am starting to feel a bit more in control and able to start doing more. I do have to get my wrist fixed soon. Once that is done I will be able to do so much more. I have an ultrasound on April 30th.

I did start a new project that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I started scanning all the photos in the house. This will be a huge job. It really needs to be done so that I can get rid of all the printed photos. I will keep some and put them in albums, but the rest are going. Once all that is done I have some old VHS tapes that I need to copy to my PC and put on to dvd.

Well I better get to some cleaning. Need to make room for the new dog and have to stay on top of the vacuuming and dusting since Skeeter has a thing about dust. Oh yeah, I cut all my hair off. I wanted to have it short for the summer.

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It’s a Boy!

Chair Sitting
Image by The Gordons via Flickr

Yup! We have added a new member to our family. We have decided to keep Skeeter. Originally we were only going to foster him till we found a good home for him. The last 2 weeks we have had to go thru a lot with him. The pills he has been on have made him loose control of his bladder. He pee’s without even realizing he is doing it. At least we havent had poop accidents. He let’s us know when he needs to go out for that business.

I honestly didnt think I would get attached to the little guy. I wanted a different breed. But he is so good. So quiet and well behaved. He loves to cuddle and doesnt care if he is in the middle of playing. He will stop and cuddle with you. He is great in the car. Sits in the back seat and goes to sleep. I think in time he will grow into a great dog. He is well on his way already. The best part about him is that he is happy. Just wants to please you and tries so hard to be good.

SO, to my family… Dont worry, he will not be coming into your homes unless you say its ok. He will be with us most of the time and when visiting he can stay in the car. This will be done until we know that he can be trusted at home with the cats. Might take a few months. Also we want to make sure he is completely housebroken before he gets to go visiting in other homes. He is very close and we will find out better when he is done his last pill on Tuesday. One good thing about him being part grey hound, he doesnt seem to have a very strong doggy odor. As for shedding, it’s hardly noticeable now that he isnt afraid and shaking like the first couple weeks. With regular brushing it’s kept to a minimum.

Now to find the right name for him…..hmmmmm

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A Familiar Place

As you know I have been looking for something to do with my life now for some time. Since I had my neck injury my life changed dramatically. I had to give up a lot and learn to live again to help me deal with my disability. Its now been 10 years since the injury. I have finally gotten to where I can handle my dizziness on a daily bases.

Over the last few years I have tried to figure out what it is that I could do from home. I can’t work a normal job, not even part time. I need something that I could do at home. Well, there isn’t that much out there for a woman over 40 with little to no job experience. I have lots of life experience, but that doesn’t seem to mean a lot these days.

So, a few days before Christmas, Gregg and I dog sat for our friend. We have done it a few times now and really enjoy it. We got to talking and we realized that we both miss having a dog around. Gregg had dogs when he lived at home and I grew up with cats and then dogs when I was on my own. In the 10 years that we have been together there has been no dog. We talked about getting one a few years ago, but I was still having a lot of dizzy spells and we decided not to do it.

I guess by now you figured out what we are doing…lol Yes we are getting a dog.  We agreed that we would get a puppy for Christmas, that was our gift to each other. We started looking online at the shelters and going to the local SPCA and Animal Control Shelters. We didnt find what we wanted and left it during Christmas. After the holidays we started searching again. We looked at a few dogs but didnt like any of them.

After 2 weeks of searching and finding nothing, I was getting very frustrated. We had a few long talks and I started to feel the need to do something. We wanted to get the right dog for us, so we filled out an application for Dhana Metta Rescue Society. One of the workers (Mandarin) came out and did a home visit last Sunday. They needed to make sure we were a good home for a dog. She met our cats and we had a good talk. A couple days later we had been approved.

So now we are on the list for a dog! This is where is changes. As much as we would like to have our very own little dog, and someday we will find the right one. Until then, we have decided to be foster parents. I felt the pull in my heart once again to return to rescue work. I have found where I am needed. And it feels right.

Those 3 years of rescue work I did so long ago were some of my favorite times. From there I went to having my own dogs that I bred and showed for 12 years.  I always loved my dogs and I have really missed having them in my life. Now We are going to give back and help the dogs as best we can. We are limited in what we can do. We can only have 1 dog under 25lbs stay with us. That’s fine. It gives me more one on one training time. Gregg has offered to help with website and computer related things.

I am very excited about this and I know I have made the right choice. Gregg and I both agree that there are so many dogs out there that need help and if we can help some of them to find a forever home then that is what we will do. Our reward will be to see a happy dog with its new family.

I know that some of you out there might think that this is nothing special or that it’s a waste of time, and you are welcome to think whatever you like, but I really don’t care. This is my life and this is what is reaching out to me. My soft heart wins again and that is just fine.

NOW! let me introduce you to our first foster dog!


Chair Sitting Closeup

He is a fuzzy little guy. Weighs about 12lbs. Not really sure what he is. He has some long legs and big ears, as you can see. Possibly a mix with some Italian Greyhound with terrier. He has a cute little face. He is a bit shy and not sure who he is yet, but we will work with him and teach him how to be a great dog. He is housebroken, has his shots and been neutered plus micro-chipped.

He is about 11 months old and his adoption fee is $395.00

He met Baby and right away was jumping around and wanting to play. Baby was not having any of it. Bunny is in the tree making sure she is out of the way.

I will be doing many updates on him and any other dogs that come our way.I will be setting up a doggy blog so that this one stays as my personal blog. For those of you that dont want to read the dog stuff.

Bunny Bed