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The End is Near!

Another year gone. Wow, hard to believe how fast time goes by. Seems the older I get the fast time goes. This past year went by so fast, I didn’t get anything done. At least that’s what I thought until I really looked back in time.

In January I started to scan all the photos I had from my life, Gregg’s life and his family and all of my Mom’s photos. It took me 6 months to scan just over 7000 photos and negatives. Since then I have only burned them to DVD. I had planned to edit them all, but I was so burnt out from all the scanning I left them alone. I guess they will get done next year.

In August I reconnected with an old friend. I never thought that I would ever see her again. We now talk and keep in touch on Facebook. I think that if we lived in the same town we would end up seeing each other every day like we use to.

Those are the hi-lights of my year. Not much else happened. I spent a lot of time sick this year. September was the worst. The pain my back had gotten to a point that I couldn’t even stand straight. I finally agreed to see a Chiropractor, (again). Over the years I have seen many and none have helped. Well, it’s been 4 months of going once a week and I can tell you that I am feeling 80% better! He knows of my neck injury and has worked around it, but now he is actually working on it. He wants to help me so that I am not so dizzy every day. There is no twisting on the neck or body. He only hits pressure points using a small tool(activator). I will keep seeing him. What ever he has been doing, is helping me.

So, what will the new year bring?

End of August we will be seeing Cirque De Soleil “Quidam”. I got tickets from Gregg for Christmas! 3 tickets. We are taking Mom with us. Very excited!

It will be our 10th anniversary in September. We are planning and hope that it will happen that we can go back to Playa Del Carmen. We try to go ever 5th year. It’s also my 45th birthday in October. So we want to be there for the end of October so I can have a drink on the beach for my birthday and we can celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Other than that, I really don’t think there is anything else so far. I do plan on getting in better shape now that my back is getting better. I guess I will just have to see how things go. Take each day as it comes. I won’t make any new years resolutions, it’s just a bit silly to make empty promises that you know you won’t be able to keep. I do want to try to blog more, but I’m not making any promise that I will do it! LOL

Honeymoon 156

Happy New Year everyone!

Nail Art

I was chatting with a friend of mine about doing my nails and he sent me a few links and there was this one video that I thought I just had to try it. It looked so cool and easy to do.

This is the video…

And here are my nails. It’s my first try so it’s a bit messy on the edges. I think next time I will try purples.


It’s Christmasy!

Yup! It’s getting all Christmasy around our home. All the decoration and tree are up. Just need to put some lights on outside. I guess I’ll do that this week. I didn’t know which to pick this year, blue or multicoloured lights, so I went with both.  Last year I only put up a tiny pink tree and a few decorations and it didn’t feel like Christmas. This time I put it all out again. It’s just for Gregg and I to look at and that’s what matters the most.

Well here is our Tree.

Christmas 2011 (10)

As you can see my Grinch stocking and Gregg’s polar bear stocking are waiting to get fattened up.
Christmas 2011 (38)

This is part of my center piece

Christmas 2011 (41)

My Angel

Christmas 2011 (25)

Snow peeps

Christmas 2011 (53)

The table and chairs we inherited from Gregg’s grandparents. It opens to fit 8 people.

Christmas 2011 (50)

The Cabinet that Gregg’s grandparents made.

Christmas 2011 (47)

Displaying my antique ornaments.

Christmas 2011 (28)

You can see the full set on my flickr page or go directly to our Flickr


Yet Again

As you can see once again I have been fiddling with my theme. I hope that some day I will find the one I love. This one is good in that I can change the background. Plus I like bar at the bottom. Anyways, I have been so busy at home. Here is what I have been up to..

Gregg’s dad had to empty his storage unit. We have been helping him by taking all the stuff over here and then selling it. Sounds easy, but it’s not. We don’t have a truck to do it all in one load. Every weekend we have been picking up stuff and bringing it back here.  Mostly its been furniture. Antiques from the early 1940’s. We sold our own kitchen table and chairs plus 2 dressers so that we can keep a few of the antiques. I just couldn’t sell some of the items. They have been in Gregg’s family from before his Dad was born. Some of the items were made by his grand parents.

I didn’t really want to go with antique furniture in our home. Our original plan was to go with a beach/tropical theme. Now I feel that we will have to change it a bit. I think we will still be able to have the tropical look. Just need to pick the right flooring and wall colours. It will be a while before we make those changes.

Furniture for Sale - 039

My mom took the tea cart. It was made by the grandparents.

Furniture for Sale - 027

These are also homemade. Looks like we are going to keep them.

Furniture for Sale - 013

Homemade. Also keeping this one.

I have a few more pieces that I will post as soon as I can. I still don’t have enough room to actually set up everything the way I want.  Once I have everything set up I will post new pictures.

Latest News

Well, Jackson is no longer with us. He has been given to Yuana the person that runs the rescue society. He got sick again this time we just didnt know what to do. So she came to see him and ended up taking him home. It looks like he will have some long term health issues. She thinks he has IBS and possibly pancreatic . Hopefully she will get him on the right track and be able to adopt him out to a forever home that will take the time to learn what he needs.

On to other news…

The low carb (LC) diet is starting to work! The first 2 weeks were a bit slow, but now we are into it and enjoying the food. It was a bit hard to let go of all the bread and pastas. Our main foods are meat, veggies and eggs. I am down to 149lbs. I know its only 3lbs but that’s a lot for me since I dont have much to loose. Not sure what Gregg has lost since he wont weigh in 😛

Now, last night I went through some stuff and I found some more Gordon clan stuff. Will it ever end? LOL I think this is the last of it, but I’m not sure! I’m still looking for all of the slides from Gregg’s dad. I know they are here! Anyways, I have the family bible. It’s old! 1893. WOW!

Family Bible

Family Bible

Family Bible


Family Bible

This was the topper. Births, marriages, and deaths. There are wills too.


I have to thank Gregg’s Aunt Jesse for saving all of this information. She went to great lengths to find it all. This is only the tip of the iceberg! I have boxes of papers. My only problem is, who to give it to next?


Milling Rice

As you know I am on a wheat free diet. I’ve been looking for other types of flour that taste good and easy to bake with. Well, Mom gave me her milling machine a few years ago and I finally found a reason to use it! I milled some rice. Yup! I did and its just like regular flour. So many websites tell you to wet the rice and put it in a blender. I thought that sounded a bit odd. I researched as much as I could and every where I looked it was wet rice. Hmmmm! I called mom.

Grain Mill

Mom explained that water is NOT needed. So I milled the rice. it was very loud and it took about 45 minutes to grind down 2 pounds of Brown rice.

Rice Flour

Rice Flour

Now I needed to find a recipe! I had a couple ripe bananas to use up so banana bread it is! Well, muffins.

Banana Rice flour muffins

Banana Rice flour muffins

MMMMMM! So tasty! Even Gregg said that they are good! Tomorrow I see if I can make rice bread!

My Guys

Gregg and I were at home watching TV saturday evening when the phone rang. It was Matthew. He said ” I have a surprise for you” and wanted to come over to show me. I told him to to come on over and hung up the phone. Gregg’s first reaction was “they got a dog”. Since we know Matthew has been wanting one for a while now. Then Gregg said “They went to Vegas and got married”. Since Matthew and Bree are engaged it was possible. My reaction to this was “They better not!”  Gregg said ” He is coming over to show you the ultrasound pic of the baby”…lol

Anyways, Matthew showed up walked through the door and behind him he has his little brother Colby. What a great surprise! The sneaky guys had planned this 2 weeks ago. Since Colby lives almost 5 hours away I dont get to see him often. Since he graduated school he has been busy with work and trying to get his truck running and just having a busy life.The last time i saw him was at my dad’s funeral in June of 2008.

He spent Sunday with Matthew and yesterday he was with me. Matthew dropped him off in the morning and we decided to surprise my Mom. I called her and told her a white lie, that Gregg needed to go to an appointment close to her place and that we wanted to come over for lunch first and we requested homemade pancakes. This was a bit tricky since Gregg and I are on a low carb diet and pancakes are not on our menu. She did ask if it was ok and I just said we were having a craving.

When we got to her door, I walked in and then Gregg and she was starting to close the door when Colby popped his head in. She shouted with joy and gave him a huge hug. She was very surprised and happy to see him. We had a great lunch, Colby got his fill of Oma’s pancakes. We even talked about taking some and driving by Matthew’s work and teasing him that he didnt get any and eat them in front of him….lol

Then it was time to go. We said goodbye to Mom and hit the road. We took Colby shopping, he needed some new runners and some clothes. Talk about a big foot, 13 wide!  As you can see by the photo, he is a big boy.(just like his dad)

Oma, Mom and Son

He also got a hair cut. That’s when I finally recognized him again…lol

Pre-Haircut - Side ViewLooking Normal

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Thanks to Matthew for making the trip to bring Colby for a visit. So happy that I got to see Colby again. Even though it was only a short visit it was still great to see him.

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