Today’s Stuff

As you can see by the way my blog has changed I am working on a new theme. It might be a few days before I find exactly what I am looking for. Please leave me comments if you like any of them.

As for me, well I am in pain once again. I have an appointment this afternoon with my Doctor. Hopefully he will be able to help me. I need him to refer me to a new Urologist since mine retired last week. Hope he knows of a younger one in town.

My IC has gotten to a point where I can’t control it anymore. I have gone back on my IC diet and eliminated some foods in hopes that it will help. Basically I’m low carbing it. Veggies and meat is about all I can eat. Anything acidic and I run screaming from the table.

Well I am off to see the Doc now. I’ll update more when I hear what he has to tell.

Theme Updates

I’m working my theme and doing some tweaking. I would appreciate it if you would let me know if there is anything not working or just doesn’t look good. Maybe you know of some great plug-ins I can use.Either way, I will be done with it all in a day or two.

Some Changes

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico HDR

Image by mbonocore via Flickr

As you can see, I’ve been doing some changes to my blog theme again. I really like this one. I think this one will be the one for some time. I like that I can put my own photos in the header. Yes, all the different headers are pictures Gregg and I took. At the moment they are all from your last trip to Playa del Carmen. They might change on special days.

Other news… Gregg is finally job hunting. He is out there spreading his resumes all over Abbotsford today. I hope that he gets a responds. I’ll let you know how it goes when things start to happen.

Tomorrow its ladies lunch once again. We are celebrating my Aunt Anny’s birthday. Its also my brother’s birthday, but he isnt invited. I think he would look a bit out of place at one of our hen parties…lol

Also, Heroes starts this evening which I have been waiting for. There are bunch of shows all starting this week. So I won’t be online in the evenings.:)

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New Template

As you can see I am trying new templates today. I’m  tried of mine blog. I need to change it. Yes I get bored looking at the same stuff all the time. I wonder if others do too?  Do you like to see a different look? There are lots of styles out there. I just have to find one I like.  I want to add some extra pages too like a photo page or maybe one with my hobbies. But that will wait for now. Gregg and I are also redoing the family site. We want to make it more interactive. So if anybody has any ideas please let me know what you would like to see and if you find any sites with ideas send them to me.


Morning all.
I just got the latest update on Rick. Mom called and said that he was just getting wheeled into surgery this morning. I wish him luck and the doctors steady hands. I guess we’ll find out more this afternoon.

The new site is coming along great. Gregg and I worked on it last night. There is some to know and learn. Right now I’m trying to get my blog moved over. I’ll be using “wordpress” to do my new blog. WordPress has a ton of different templates. So its taking some time to find what I want.
So back to work!

Blogger Templates

Since I have changed my template I have been asked by a few people where I found it and can they have the link. Well, I can send you all the link to the sites but I don’t think it will help any of you if you don’t know how to edit html.Plus I didn’t bookmark the sites. I’m not saying that you are not capable, I just can’t help all of you set it all up over messenger. I can try to help but I have a very hard time explaining things. So this is what I will do…
I’ll tell you how to find templates and then you can go and find some that you like. Once you have found one and its compatible with Blogger I can help you install it as best I can. It will take time to find a template that works since there aren’t many out there for the new Blogger. I spent a few days searching for the one I have.

Here’s what you can look for in google…free blogger beta templates, free blogger 2 templates, blogger beta templates…and so on. Its all just a matter of searching for it. When you do find one you will need to save it to your pc and then on your own see if you can install it. Remember to save your template you are using right now or you may loose it along with everything you have on your blog.

I would suggest starting up a second blog to use for testing out templates that way you won’t mess up your main one. That is what I have done. Its all about figuring it out on your own. And once you know how to do it you will be able to change it at anytime.HTML may look scary but it does get easier as you recognize the different tags and such. Good Luck and happy hunting! I’m here to answer your questions if I can.