The Last Paul McKenna

So last night was the last episode of “I can Make You Thin” with Paul McKenna. It was about being happy and feeling good about yourself, “your perfect body“. I guess it will help some people. I dont look in the mirror and tell myself that I’m fat and ugly. After watching this show for the last month and trying to follow the rules I realize that it all makes sense, but not everything works. I’m not that big, like the people he was trying to help on the show. I’m only looking to lose 10 lbs.

I will try to remember to follow the 4 golden rules. That is the only part that has stuck with me. Plus I agree that eating slower I do get to enjoy my food more. Well, for those of you that want to try this “diet” go to his website, sign up, and do it. It may work for you. Me? I’m going back to counting calories.

Paul McKenna

Another week is over and I did pretty good. I still havent lost any weight. Maybe it will take longer for me since I dont have much to lose anymore. Gregg says he has lost 3 lbs this week. Thats good. Last week I said that I didnt think the crave buster technique would work, but it did a couple times. Gregg made me think of maggots on my food. That grossed my out instantly since I have had encounters with them before.

Yesterday’s show was about “supercharge your metabolism“. This is the one I am hoping will work for me. I have no motivation for exercise. I dont like it. I feel that walking is boring. I need a finishing point when I go for a walk. To walk and not have a purpose does not appeal to me. So, I will try this new technique and hope it will make me want to go walking or ride my bicycle.

Paul McKenna

The show last night was about crave busting. I’m not sure if its going to work for me. I think I will try and see if this works with beer. I seem to crave beer on the weekends. So I will imagine that someone has put cigarette butts in my beer. That is very gross. And with any food craving I will just think of them in a dirty ashtray. Smoking is so disgusting to me now that I dont smoke anymore.

Last week we learned about the tapping technique. I have been doing it and some times it did  work but there were times that it did nothing. I  will keep doing it and make it more of a habit. I am eating a lot less than before. Sometimes I forget and catch myself eating too fast. I slow down and pay attention. I havent lost any weight. Not sure if Gregg has.

I’m really going to work at it more this week. And if the weather holds up maybe try to get a couple walks in too.

Feeling full (Paul McKenna)

Last night was the first time I can say that I  really finally felt full from dinner. Its actually hard to tell when your tummy is full. I think I know the signs now. Hopefully I will keep feeling it. So, all those breads I made on Monday, well I think I might have over come my bread fetish. I ate a lot of them on tuesday. So much so that I felt sick. I think I can say that me and banana bread will stay friends but only see each other a couple times a year.

I have to admit that this new way of eating is a bit scary for me. To actually eat what ever I desire is the scary part. I have left out so many foods over the years cause I thought they are bad. But now, I find out that I can have them. Its a new world! (insert evil laugh) I have been thinking of all the yumminess out there, waiting in the stores. If I can control how much I eat then I can have all those goodies.

Yes life is good….

Bread (Paul McKenna)

I love bread. I could eat bread every day. I want to eat bread every day! I know I cant. Not sure why, but bread likes to get cozy and stick with me, mainly to my ass! Its simple. Eat bread = fat ass. Yup…I love bread. So what did I go and do? I made bread, but not just any old bread. I made banana bread, blueberry bread and strawberry bread. YUM!

I haven’t made these in years. Well the banana bread has been years the other ones its a first for me. When we were in Mexico there was this little cafe we would stop at for breakfast. They had the best strawberry bread I have ever tasted. Actually the only strawberry bread I have ever tasted. I figured I could make that. So I did. It isn’t exactly the same, but I think with a few more tries I should have it right. As for the blueberry bread….LOL…its blue! The whole loaf turned blue. I think I will have to be careful and not mush the berries as much next time.

Now, the reason for making the bread. I haven’t baked in many years cause in my mind its all very fattening. Since we are following the 4 rules by Paul McKenna, I figured why not! He does say to eat what you want, and I LOVE bread. I think this might be a way to control my bread eating. I’ve noticed that over the years, the things that I shouldn’t eat I have really tried hard not to have. When I do have them I binge. I over eat on them and then try to avoid them again. I’m hoping that by following the 4 rules I will be able to control these binges. I guess I’ll see how long the breads last.

Paul McKenna

Last night was the second episode of the Paul McKenna show. We learned about the “tapping” technique. Tapping at certain pressure points helps you  “reboot” your brain. Sounds crazy I know, but I will be testing it this week. The tapping is suppose to help with emotional eating. Every time you feel stressed or emotional in any way you are to tap the pressure points instead of running to the fridge or cupboard for a snack. Not sure if it will work for me since I am not really an emotional eater. I do look for “comfort” foods when I am sick, other than that, its not a problem for me.

I still feel like the show is a “info-mercial”. I think it could of been presented in a better way. I guess the main thing is, that it helps people. Paul had some guests on the show that have lost over 100lbs, one guy lost 185lbs just by doing what Paul has told him. This must work some how.

As for last week, my results…. Gregg and I have been eating dinner at the kitchen table with the TV off. We are taking our time to enjoy our dinners. I have noticed that it does take about 20 minutes to eat. I’m eating a bit less, but still having a hard time knowing when I am full. Gregg seems to know when he is full and thinks he is eating less. I have been making our portions smaller. Its also nice to eat whatever we want, but I am still watching the calorie intake. I stepped on the scale and no change in my weight. I know we are supose to wait for 2 weeks , but I am one of those people that weighs daily. Its been hard not to weigh myself.

Come back next week for episode 3….

Paul McKenna On TLC

Sunday evening I noticed a show on TLC. I missed the first 20 minutes, but I sat and watched the rest of the show. It was called “I can make you thin“. Yes, I was a bit skeptical since there are so many people out there trying to get rich quick off of all the fat people out there in the world. I listened and I watched and it reminded me of a info-commercial.

I have to say that everything the man was saying made sense. Why? well, its everything we have always known. The man “Paul McKenna”  is just telling us what we already know. EAT SLOWER. ENJOY YOUR FOOD. This show will be on sunday evening for a few weeks as he shows us his secrets on how to get thin. This week he told the world 4 simple rules.

  1. When you are hungry, eat.
  2. Eat what you want, not what you think you should.
  3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
  4. When you think you are full, STOP eating.

I have know this all my life. Mom always told us to “slow down, there’s no fire”. We got whatever mom cooked and we ate it, we enjoyed each mouthful. We stopped when our tummy’s had no more room. So yes, we have know these simple rules since we were kids. Only one problem, as we got older, we forgot. Life became busy with friends and school. Then marriage and kids, jobs and everything else in between.

Now Paul has come along and taken Mom`s rules and made them his own. Ok, maybe we need Paul to remind us of them. I am going to try and remember them at each meal and see if it does make a difference on my weight. I have told Gregg that we will be testing these theories. We started with last nights dinner. We took out time and enjoyed our meal at the table with no TV. It was nice.

I will keep you updated on our progress over the weeks to comes.If it works, GREAT! If not, oh well. This should be interesting…hehehe