Halloween Memories

Last year Gregg and I and his dad Glen spent our Halloween in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We had such a great time. We met so many fantastic people. So I am sharing so pictures from the parties that night. I wish we were all there again. It was the best!


To see all the other pics click here

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Time is Dragging

Beach 2

Image by The Gordons via Flickr

Friday and I am still feeling crappy. I had hoped that this flu would almost be gone, but it seems to want to hangout with me. So I will be cuddling Mr.Flu all weekend. I will hug him, and love him so much that he will WANT to leave. I will smother him with my blanket! (Mahahaha!)

Then on Monday I will feel great and have a perfect birthday! 🙂  Monday is also going to be a bit sad for me and Gregg too. Last year we were in Mexico. I wanted to be on the beach having a drink on my 40th birthday, and I did just that. We flew out that morning from Seattle and were on the beach by 5pm. It was the best!

It felt so good to have that white soft sand between my toes again. I felt all my worries and stress wash away. I know that I will never forget those 3 weeks we spent there. It was the best holiday I have ever had.

We met a lot of great people down there that we now are friends with. Some live there and others wish they did, just like us. I hope that we will all meet there again in the future. I enjoyed hanging out with all of them. I miss that afternoon beer at La Ranita.

Anyways, I feel bad that I never got around to doing a trip report about our vacation. So I will work on it this weekend.Yes its a year late but oh well!

Oh yeah, I got my 4th sample of makeup. I’ll be doing a review as soon as I feel better. Wearing makeup while sick in bed doesnt work very well.

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October – Mexico

Beach 2

Image by The Gordons via Flickr

Can you believe it? Its already October. Wow! This year has flown by. Soon it will be Christmas and then a new year. October is one of my favorite months. Yes its my birthday on the 27th, but its more than that. I have always loved October. Even when I was a kid. I love the fall weather. The leaves turning colors and falling to gather around the trees. The crisp air in the early morning as the sun peaks out thru the fog. Yup its a beautiful time.

Its also a reminder that its been a year since our last trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It doesn’t seem like its been a year. I so wish we could go back again. I miss the beach. The sound of the water as it hits the sand in the evening. Or walking along 5th Ave and finding a cafe to sit and have a drink while we people watch. I miss all the friends we made. I really enjoyed stopping by La Ranita everyday for our afternoon beer. There was always someone there to sit and chat with.

Halloween 2007 001

Image by The Gordons via Flickr

We will miss the Halloween party, but we will be watching all the local webcams. That was the best party I have ever been to. We all had so much fun. Glen’s black eye went well with his pirate costume…lol. All I had to do was add the line around his eye so he had a patch.

I hope that we will be back there for the next party in 2009. It could happen.

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I am staying here

I want to stay here forever! I love Playa. Its so beautiful. Some day Gregg and I will move here. It will be a while before we do but I know this is where we want to be. Oh well… I guess I will have to go sit on the beach some more.

White Sands

The sand in Mexico is so warm and soft. I don’t think I have ever see sand this color anywhere else I have been to. It tiny grains glitter. There are no rocks in it. Not like the Beaches back home where its full of rocks and seaweed. No seaweed here. Also no tide. The water stays at the same level all the time. Nice breeze so it really doesn’t feel as hot as it is, but as soon as you go behind a building that breeze from the ocean is blocked and you feel like you could fall over from the heat. I can deal with it. I just go have a beer in the shade.


As you all know I am in Mexico! Gregg and I and Gregg’s dad  has joined us. We are in Playa Del Carmen. Its about 45 minutes down the coast from Cancun. It is beautiful here. I wont be posting as much since its not easy to do. We would have to find a internet cafe and pay to sit there for a while, and why do that when there are so many other things we could be doing.

When we get back I will do a full trip report. I’m sure it will take a few days to blog about everything. Well, I’m off to the beach.

This is it!

Today is the day. We are leaving this evening. As soon as Gregg gets home from work we will grab our bags and head for the border. Drive down to Seattle Airport, park the car and meet up with Glen. He is driving down in his car since he will be coming home next saturday. Then we all get to be scanned and hopefully there won’t be any problems with our bags. I can’t see there being a problem but you never know. I’m just a bit worried that we might have to check Gregg’s bag. He has his back pack and the camera bag which the size of a small back pack. The US Airways website says that we can each have 1 carry-on that measures 11x14x26 and weighs up to 40lbs plus a personal item like a camera case or purse or diaper bag. So I think we should be ok.

I know, I’m babbling…I’m just excited! I just can’t believe it! 3 WEEKS!!!! I get to lay around the beach soak up the sun and have drinks. I’m going to look like a dry roasted peanut by the time I get home…lol.  No, I don’t sit in the sun and tan till my skin falls off. That is ugly. I might get a bit crispy.

I hope I get some sleep on the plane. The next 24 hours are going to be long. Anyways, I hope that all of you here at home have a fun Halloween, I know I will. Don’t do anything crazy while I’m away, I wouldn’t want to miss it. I’ll try to think of you all in the rain and snow, it might help cool me down in the hot sun.


Here is a link to a webcam in front of one of the places we will be at. The Halloween party will here.


 I have added an “about me” page. It at the top on the right side. Go take a look, read it over and leave a comment if you want. Maybe you want to ask me something? About what? who cares! Ask away! I am not afraid! I’ll answer all questions.

I have also been adding stuff to my sidebar. I’m not sure if I will keep it all. Right now I am just testing stuff. I want to built traffic to my site. Maybe some of you people out there have ideas to share with me?

You may also have noticed that under my post is an ad. I know some can be annoying thats why I have picked ones that are easy on the eyes and  don’t sit there and blink in neon colors. I hate those ones. The reason for these ads is to try to make a tiny bit of cash. Since I don’t work and cant work because of my neck injury, I am hoping that people will click on these ads so that I can say I am doing something too to pay the bills. I feel bad that Gregg works so hard for so little money and I sit here and wish I could help. Thats why I am trying to get traffic.

Oh and now you are probably thinking “they are going to Mexico, they have money”. Well we have been saving the money for the last 5 years. I saved all my change to pay for the tickets. Plus we use the itravel2000 credit card that gives us travel points. So its not like we can just travel when ever we want. We have worked hard at budgeting and saving our pennies.

Anyways, I’m babbling again….lol. The point is…click click click!….hehehe

Mexican Day

Yesterday was a busy day. We were up and out the door by 10am. Gregg dropped me off at the hair salon (Hair Masters) down by Zellers. I know, people tell me not to go to the cheapy places, but I have found the girls there are actually really good. Just ask for Anna or Judy. I like the fact that they cut my hair when it’s dry. I have very fine hair, but lots of it. While I was getting my hair cut Gregg drove down to Sumas to pick up 2 parcels we had shipped to a company that receives parcels for Canadians. “Ship Happens” is just across the Sumas border. We have used it a few times and it saves us money to get things shipped there rather than getting it in Canada. Gregg got his GPS logger and we also got our “Nerak beads“. What are Nerak beads? Well, click on the link silly!

Once I was done getting my hair cut I was just going to head over to Zellers, but Gregg showed up just in time to stop me from maybe spending money…LOL. I hopped into the car and we were off again. Now to Wal-mart. We needed fake fur for our costumes. I found some for Gregg. He is going to be a dog. We then zipped up to Milestones for a quick lunch, yum. After we stopped at Fabricland and found some black fur for my cat ears. Just so you know, we have a Halloween party to go to in Mexico. We made another stop at Valhalla Pure to see if they had any cargo shorts for Gregg. We were not will to pay 100 buck for shorts. We moved on.

We hit a couple thrift stores in town and Liquidation World and found a few things, but no shorts. Once we were home we relaxed for a bit and then called Glen to see what time he wanted to go for dinner. We headed to his place at 6pm. We first grabbed a 6 pack of Mexican beer. Once there we sat and talked and decided the evening events. We left and headed to the “Eagles” to see the renovations and to have a quick beer before dinner. It really looks great in there now. We recognized some of the regulars that we have met there the few times Glen has taken us for a beer and said hello to them all. We left and headed for dinner.

W e decided to go back to Sumas and have Mexican food. There is a great restaurant called “El Nopal” that Gregg and his dad have talked about many times. So it was time to finally go and taste it. It was very good. I really enjoyed my food. The cost for the 3 of us with beer was under 50 bucks. Now here is the reason why we did a “Mexican” theme day with Glen.

The first time we went down to Mexico for our honeymoon 5 years ago, we used Glen’s credit card to buy the tickets since our card had a 1000 dollar limit at the time and the tickets were 1034. Thing is, we forgot completely about the money(yes we feel bad) and never paid him back(he forgot too). So, as we started our meals and enjoyed our beer, Gregg said “you should come with us this trip” Glen said “I just don’t have the extra money” Gregg said “well you do now, your coming with us”. He looked a bit shocked. We explained about the money we hadn’t paid back and also gave him the choice if he wanted to just have the money instead of going on the trip. Glen said “I dont have vacation booked off”. Gregg said ” well maybe I already talked to the Boss and have you booked off for a week”. Knowing that, he smiled and said “Let’s go!” He was so happy.

We enjoyed the rest of our evening and afterwards dropped him off at home and told him to start packing. The smile on his face was priceless.

So the 3 of us will be sitting on the beach in 3 weeks, drinkin beer and havin a great time! While you all enjoy the nasty cold weather here….hehehehe